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This investigative project aims to invent a new form of an alternative or a substitute for the commercial dishwashing liquid using the Banana (MUSM Sapient) Peelings. In this, the sufferings from buying commercial dishwashing liquid that contributes to our daily cost and the suffering that we face in using detergent bar in plates will be lessen or will be decrease. Instead of using harmful chemicals in manufacturing dishwashing liquid, we replaced it with Banana peelings as an effective cleaning agent. Through this we can help to ease the case of water pollutions because 70% of the Earth is water.

Even this project has a very great contribute and help, there are a lot of factories that doesn't concern about what will happen in every rime that they discharge the chemicals that they used in manufacturing dishwashing liquids. It may lead to water pollution then after, the fishes and other aquatic living things will be affected. This are the main problem in water pollution. As a citizen of this nation, we have obligations to our county and nature that's why we came up with this project that will surely lessen the use of chemicals in making dishwashing liquid.

Specifically, this investigative project aim to:

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  1. Determine the Feasibility of Banana peelings as an alternative or substitute for the commercial dishwashing liquid.
  2. Assess the banana peelings dishwashing liquid and commercial dishwashing liquid in terms of its odor, cleaning agents and the effectiveness in greasiness and oiliness of an individual plate.
  3. Compare MUSM Sapient Dishwasher to commercial ones. Only Banana (MUSM Sapient) Peelings and Washing Soda was used in this project.

The study employed:

  1. Preparation of the product ;
  2. Analyses of the product ;
  3. Evaluation Of The MUSM Sapient Dishwasher.

The procedure is easy and can be done easily through the help of the available materials found in our kitchen. H Kilogram of banana peelings were gathered , cut into small pieces , blended or pounded using mortar and pestle. Filtrate the blended peelings on a filter paper or clothe and extract the liquid and place in a boiler. Mix until it thickens, let it cool completely. We can add any essential oils and food color of we desire.

Based from the researches and study conducted the following results determined that the Banana peelings can be used as an alternative for the immemorial dishwashing liquids and product was assess through testing the sample. We therefore conclude that our finished product "MUSM Sapient Dishwasher" has the feasibility to be an alternative dishwashing liquid for the commercial ones.


A. Background of the study Our nature , our place of living our life - the Earth, is fully affected by changing technologies, factories and other industrialized plants.

The discharged chemicals from a vast number of factories on our river and other water phases was continuously destroyed and damaged, all the chemicals nutrients major for the destruction of our water phases- the Aquatic living things died because of the harmful properties of a chemical. This study aims to produce an CEO-friendly dishwashing liquid. It emphasizes to help the world problem- the water pollution. Nowadays, people often used branded dishwashing liquid or detergent bar in washing plates but they don't know the consequences in using it.

In this wide search, the researchers found that there is a key to the problem - water pollution which may be found in Banana peelings.

B. Statement Of The Problem This project generally endeavor to manufacture a high quality substitute for the commercial dishwashing liquid from banana peelings and perform physical analyses to test its cleaning properties through comparative analyses.

Specifically, this project endeavor to:

  1. Control the water pollution.
  2. Determine the Feasibility of Banana peelings as an alternative or substitute for the commercial dishwasher inning liquid
  3. Assess the banana peelings dishwashing liquid and commercial dishwashing liquid in terms of its odor, cleaning agents and the effectiveness in greasiness and oiliness of an individual plate.

C. Significance Of the Study Water pollution is one of the most major issues the world is facing nowadays, which leads to death of the aquatic living things that will greatly affect us in terms of Fisheries and if not stopped it may lead to terrible global changes. Here in the Philippines pollution is greatly caused by improper expulsion of chemicals from factories and other industrial unit or plants.

This project will significantly help the environment ease the chemical problems that causes water pollution , price hike and health problems like gastrointestinal diseases.

D. Scope and Limitation This study deals with Banana (MUSM Sapient ) specifically its peelings. The banana peelings were gathered when we eat banana or in a banana cue stand. We gathered evaluations on how effective the banana peelings as a dishwashing liquid, and also how bacteria will react when they are washed using the MUSM Sapient Dishwasher.

We did not study about how long does our product will endure (months/years), but we test it and it is really effective dishwasher.

Formulation of Hypothesis

1. Banana Peelings dishwashing liquid can be a good substitute for immemorial dishwashing liquid with it same properties like odor, cleaning properties and effectiveness to greasiness and oiliness.

2. Banana Peelings dishwashing liquid can be an efficient bacterial killer.

3. Banana peelings dishwashing liquid is cheaper and easy to make that the commercial dishwashing liquid.

Definition of Terms

Peelings-skin or covering of anything. Can define as parings, shavings, barks, husks, wrapping, shells or crusts.

DISHWASHING LIQUID - from the root word dish and wash , a thing used to wash a dish usually liquid.

Greasiness - can define as fatty, slippery and slimy. A dirt usually from a plate.

Loneliness - can define as the texture of thing and a dirt from fatty foods.

FEASIBILITY -can be defined as viability, possibility, practicability or acceptability.

Review of Related Literature Banana - MUSM sapient or Banana is one the most widely recognized and consumed fruits in the world.

They are considered valuable both for their nutritional qualities as well as their economic qualities, and they come in a variety of colors, flavors and sizes. Not only the banana fruit is useful, but also its skin. Banana skins are composed of nutritional, non nutritional contents ND minerals. Banana peels have become a supply of nutrients for animal feedstock and a fertilizer. Banana peels have special cleaning properties that make them a tremendous environmentally friendly cleaning product. The fibrous part (cellulose) of banana peel is one of its cleaning properties.

It helps clean walls and other materials. The moist peel of a fresh banana contains many useful cleaning enzymes and organic cleaning chemicals that are not only effective, but are safe for the environment. One nice thing about banana peels is that they give a fresh, pleasurable scent to your home. Banana peels are also recyclable, which makes them completely risk-free to the environment Washing Soda - (also known as washing soda, soda ash and soda crystals), Niacin is a sodium salt of carbonic acid.

It most commonly occurs as a crystalline hyphenated, which readily effloresce to form a white powder, the moderately. Sodium carbonate is domestically well known for its everyday use as a water softener. It can be extracted from the ashes of many plants. Polyethylene Glycol - PEG is the basis of many skin creams (as cataloger) and personal lubricants (frequently combined with glycerin). PEG is used in a umber of toothpastes as a dispersant. In this application, it binds water and helps keep Jonathan gum uniformly distributed throughout the toothpaste.

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What is the best way to dispose of banana peels?
The best way to dispose of banana peels is to compost them. This will help to break down the peels and add nutrients to the soil. Alternatively, banana peels can be added to a garden or flower bed as a natural fertilizer.
Why are banana peels good for cleaning?
Banana peels are good for cleaning because they contain natural oils and waxes that can help to remove dirt and grime from surfaces. Additionally, the texture of the peel can help to scrub away tough stains.
Is there anything you can do with banana peels?
Yes, there are many things you can do with banana peels. For example, you can use them as a natural fertilizer for your garden, or you can use them to make a face mask for skin care. You can also use them to make a natural dye for fabrics or to make a natural insect repellent.
Is banana peel biodegradable?
Yes, banana peels are biodegradable. They are composed of cellulose, a natural material that can be broken down by bacteria and other microorganisms. As a result, banana peels can be composted or added to soil to help enrich it.

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