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Arguing for the benefits of vegetarianism

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Be a vegetarian. It is all one can say to another to stay healthy. In the current world that human kind live in, it is very clear that many people have different problems in their bodies. Some people may have cancer, some may have flu and some others may be obese. About 8 million people die from cancer every year and considering the fact that Switzerland has a population of about 9 million people, this country would be wiped out to nothing if the cancer killings only occurred in Switzerland.

A simple way of lessening the risk of catching cancer, or rather any kind of disease, is to be a vegetarian. People practice vegetarianism for various reasons. Some being health, religiously, economically and environmentally. But even with all the reasons combined, there still aren’t enough vegetarians to change the future of the world. If we were to be vegetarians, first of all we would be consuming less fat and cholesterol, decreasing the risk for us to get obese. With the advantage of not having too much fat in the body, we would have a less chance of getting cancer as well.

Secondly, we would be consuming more beneficial nutrients and minerals such as carbohydrates, fiber and vitamins. The loss of protein can be replenished by consuming beans for vegetarians. The last reason that vegetarianism is good is because it is very environmental. When raising livestock in farms consistently produces CO2 from the animals, vegetables produce oxygen. Hence, it is very environmental although plants produce CO2 as well. The world would be living with less danger if everybody in the world were vegetarians.

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Also, the Earth would be less polluted than it is right now. But the problem is that in reality, it is not. A research page had a result showing that a mere 5% of the world’s population were semi-vegetarians. The number of pure vegetarians would be less. Many people in the world are not aware of the word ‘vegan’ which is the same term for vegetarian and most of the people know that being a vegetarian is good for one’s health, they just completely ignore that fact and carry on a meat-based diet because it tastes good.

If people quickly learned that they could live longer by following a very simple process, it would finally be the time period of the human kind going against bacteria. We humans having the largest brains ever seen on earth have taken control of the earth for thousands of years but bacteria, having no brain at all have been controlling the earth for millions. A solution to this problem of not having enough conceptual awareness about vegetarianism can be very hard to find.

Since it is impossible for one to force another to follow a plant based diet, the solution has to be something that triggers oneself to follow it on his own. A way to do this is to advertise the positive effects of vegetarianism. Another method, based on a fact of having unlimited resources, is to invent a technology that would make vegetables more attractive to eat. Most people who dislike vegetables say that they dislike them because they don’t taste very good. By solving the taste problem, we would have a lot more vegetable likers. Be a vegetarian.

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