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Benefits of the Internet

Essay Topic:

Reviews and investigation have concluded that the Internet was one of the most important inventions in the last years, and its development is growing every day.People’s lives have changed since this technology arrived.

The main idea of my speech will be to explain the audience how  we benefit from the internet today, and how its development has made our lives easier.It will be an informative speech, but the idea is not to make it a technical speech with technical content, but a speech easy to understand for others.

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I will have to take into account that almost everybody knows about the internet, but the audience may not realize how useful it is, and how we benefit from it.

I will try to give the audience some examples that will make them understand what do I mean by “benefits”, trying to make clear stories about each of the main uses of the internet, as for example how people started using email instead of regular letters, or visiting web sites instead of spending hours in a library. I will have to be clear with my messages and try to maintain the audience’s attention by using simple ideas because people usually don’t like to listen about technology as it seems a boring subject. The information I will use it will be based on my own experience, so that will help the speech content to have a humanized aspect.

I don’t think that I will be using many kinds of visual aids in this subject, although I might be presenting some transparencies with facts about the increase in the usage of the internet and the benefits of it, and this will help to reinforce the ideas to the audience while I explain them.

While I was having a conversation with my classmates that helped me choose the topic for my speech, I tried to talk to them and see what each of them did with the internet and how they took advantage of it. This will help me to more or less see what can I focus on, and on what I will have to be more specific.

The interest of the audience will be difficult to maintain if I don’t start with a good motivation, so I will try to begin the speech with something interesting and completely new about the internet, like a future project that engineers are working on that might not be known yet, but that the audience might like for the future. It is a wide topic, so I will try to make it as clear as possible, so as to be manageable and understandable.



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