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To ensure all associates of the American Whatchamacallit Corporation are treated with dignity and respect recognizing that equality in career development is fundamental for our continued growth. This policy will be in effective from hiring process throughout entire career development process for each of our associates. This policy will address; Hiring Process, Compensation, Evaluations, and Fair & Equitable Treatment. Hiring Process: Position descriptions will be available for each position in the company.

Each hiring manager will review the Position Description to ensure a best fit for the position from pool of applicants. Each interview will be conducted in four parts by four different people currently employed by American Whatchamacallit Corporation. The interview team will consist of one Human Resources associate, two managers, and one peer in a similar position being filled through the interview process. Hiring decision will be made after a consensus of the entire interview team. Compensation: Each position in the company will have a compensation band for that position.

The compensation band will be defined by three levels. Each level will be based on experience; level one will be 0 – 2 years experience, level 2 will be 3 – 5 years experience, and level 3 will be 6 years or more of experience. There will be a 90 day review conducted for each new hire (see evaluation policy below). Review scores will be 1 – 4, Score of 1 – the associate will be released – not a match for the organization, Score of 2 will receive a 5% salary increase, score of 3 will receive a 7.

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5% salary increase, and score of 4 will receive a 10% salary increase. Evaluations: Evaluations will be based on a score of 1 – 4. A score of 1 – does not meet expectations, score of 2 – meets most expectations, score of 3 – meets all expectations and exceeds in some, score of 4 is consistently meets or exceeds all expectations. The review process will be four reviews in one. A Self assessment from the associate, a peer assessment submitted from peer of associate (peer will be selected by HR department), a management assessment, and an HR assessment.

The review scores will be weighted (40% management, 20% each for remaining three). Reviews will be completed at 90 days and annually on hire anniversary date thereafter. Fair and Equitable Treatment: Each associate is to be treated with dignity and respect at all times by all members of management, by all peers, and by all subordinates. There is to be zero tolerance for violation of this policy. Each associate will have a clear understanding of the open door policy of the American Whatchamacallit Corporation.

This open door policy is not only up though associates management – but open door policy trans departmental for entire company. Any associate may approach any member of management to seek guidance and investigation of any concerns – manager does not have to be the manager of the associate seeking assistance. When a review board is to be seated for hearing and resolution of complaint. Review board will be made up of two managers and two peers of associate. There is no excuse failure to treat every associate with fairness and equality.

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