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Aging Ad Analysis

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Advertisement of products through media is constantly used by marketing as a way by which they are able to educate the public regarding the features of their products which are provided for heir consumers. Among the favorite topics of advertising today is regarding the products that feature anti-aging chemicals helping the old-aged people look young and cover their age years through the use of beauty products.

Yes, as clearly seen, immortality is among the most wanted features of the public from products. Ironically, this could never be possible and could never be provided by any product. However, staying young basing from the looks of a person is at least a relief from all the doubtful feelings brought about by the fact of aging.

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Hence, to be able to cater to this social demand, clinical scientists and chemical engineers try to formulate ways by which they could address to he said need of humanity.

How does advertising cater to this social want? Moreover, how much does advertising affect the human reaction towards aging and its reality? These questions shall be addressed in the paragraphs that follow as the advertising systems of Olay products against aging shall be observed by the author of this paper.

OLAY Company and Their Products

One of the leading companies that cater to the need of people to feel young and beautiful amidst their age is Olay Company. It produces numerous products that help the lessening of the effects of aging on human skin. Mostly, their products try to alleviate the lines in the skin, especially on the face of people that are usually obvious as the person gains age.

This is the reason why on most advertisements of the company, especially concerning televised marketing, it could be noticed that the focus of the artists are on the way their skin feels and looks like.

It is simply like erasing the lines of age from the face and feeling young again. Of course, this could not be considered as a way by which people gain immortality. However, the fact that the ‘feel-good’ feature of the products usually give the notion of becoming renewed and rejuvenated in many ways just because of thinking that they grew younger once more.

The vitality that the products provide makes the consumers feel refreshed, Hence, the more they are able to live life to its fullest. Furthermore, most of the television commercials of the said products claim that beauty becomes radiant if the person that ‘wears it’ feels good from within.

For this reason, the trust that the consumers have on the products of the company, which are mostly based from their ability to persuade through their advertisements, makes the consumers more radiantly reflecting the beauty they feel from within.

One of their advertisements through the Internet posted the following claims:

“Any moisturiser - regardless of price - can claim to smooth wrinkles because it will temporarily plump the skin. "Using any moisturising product will help reduce fine lines and wrinkles by between 12 and 15 per cent," says Dr John Sullivan, acting head of dermatology at Liverpool Hospital. "

A more expensive moisturiser might smell better and feel nicer on your skin. But it's not actually anti-ageing; it's just a temporary effect while you're using the product."

Source: (2006). Wrinkle power. (December 7, 2006)

Obviously, the advertisement cited above encourages the consumers to purchase the product that they advertise through stating that the product ensures the user of a wrinkle-free skin. Hence, beauty is rather portrayed in terms of having a flawless skin and un-aged physical features. Everything is obviously based upon the physical attributes of a person.

Social Effects of the Advertisements

Where did all this wanting to stay young and remain ‘immortal’ in a sense came from? Mostly, as Susan Mc Carthy mentioned in her article entitled “On Immortality”, the source of this social wanting of being young at all times possible is based upon the fact that the system of the human body is obviously able to support its own self towards immortality.

This study has been proved through the continuous research of scientists with regards the amazing structure of the human body and the wondrous make up of the human cells as well as their ability to reproduce on themselves.

Hence, knowing this, many people, especially the experts, claim that immortality is indeed possible. The certainties though of producing human genome projects that would rather cater to this human demand for longer life are not as strong as it may seem. As a result, the human society at present is trying to make itself feel at ease through the beauty products produced through cosmetics companies.

However, instead of feeling more at ease, there are numerous people who feel more obliged and frustrated with regards to being ‘beautiful and young’. Those who are especially unable to purchase beauty products feel the doubts of being totally beautiful or socially accepted in terms of their physical appearance. Most often, they end up wanting more than what they could actually have.

The feature of advertisements towards anti-aging has led the society in viewing life as a mere epitome of the need of being beautiful. The constant posts of the said television or even the printed ads have created a notion on people’s minds regarding the need of a person to stay beautiful and young amidst their age gains.


Aging is not bad. As a fact, aging is a sign of experience and wisdom. During the earlier times, it could not be denied that the aging features of the physical attributes of a person set him in a higher level of integrity compared to others in the society.

However, with the development of technology and further enhancement of marketing strategies in media, old age has been viewed by the modern society as an unwanted truth in human life. Hence, the production of products that would help alleviate the doubts brought about by aging symptoms which becomes obvious on the physical features of a person have been boosted and still continuously developed.

True, the want of being young at all times and the notion of incurring immortality would continuously interest people. Perhaps, the creator pf mankind has undoubtedly implanted this though upon the human mind because of the fact that HE himself plans something better for humans in the future. For who else is better to provide the needs of the creations than the creator himself?

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