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Your admission essay is possibly the most important aspect of your application package, as it is this document that sets you apart from the competition. Our company provides high quality admissions essays that delve into the unique attributes of the applicant and collate them with the requirements of their specific college. Provide us with the bare facts of your accomplishments, and we create a document that presents these in the best possible light to enhance your image to the admissions committee.

Our Expertise

Our writers have upwards of ten years experience writing in this field, and the essays we produce have been consistently successful in helping gain admission to the most prestigious colleges. One of our secrets is that many of our writers have themselves sat on admissions committees for these academic institutions and know precisely what they require. Plus our writers are versatile and can take even the most nondescript academic profile and with creativity turn it into something that will catch the eye of any admissions board.

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Admission Essay Writing

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Our Value

We offer you the best combination of pricing and quality on the market. The value you’ll get with our company far outweighs the price you’ll pay, as we fix our prices to remain competitive with all others while offering a much better service. Plus, we guarantee that you’ll be satisfied or we’ll keep revising your work until you are.

Our Plagiarism Guarantee

No plagiarism will ever be found in any essay we deliver to you, and that is a 100% guarantee. Our writers are held to strict levels of integrity. Furthermore, we check ever paper with anti-plagiarism software before it gets to you so that any (unlikely) possibility of plagiarism is eliminated.

Our Flexibility

Our company schedules its writers around the clock so that we can meet any deadline. We service regular orders with deadlines within a week or a few days, but we even work on express orders that are due within hours. In fact, our quick and efficient experts can have your work ready even within six (6) hours of when you submit it.


Dissertation Services

Our Versatility

Dissertations are probably the crown of the entire graduate career, and they can sometimes be the hardest part to complete. Our flexible and versatile writers are here for you to provide entire dissertations or to complete any part of one that you may need done. We’ll provide the introduction, literature review, methodology, data analysis, results, conclusion and more. We will also do work on research proposals.

Thesis Statement

We craft your thesis statements carefully, making sure that they reflect the resolution of a true hypothesis that can be adequately dealt with within the scope of your dissertation. We also pay close attention to the statement’s claims and the assumptions on which it is based, so that it delineates a clear and sensible direction for your dissertation.

Research Proposal

Our writers have years of experience putting together proposals that seek out areas in which seminal research may be conducted. We are experts at marrying passion and academic inquiry and at finding and communicating the areas in which research has the potential to improve the current situation.

Research Methodology

The detailed nature of methodologies makes it necessary for researchers to be very meticulous—and this is precisely the quality that our writers bring to the table. We pay the minute attention to the details of your project and scrutinize every aspect of the procedures. Furthermore, our writers have more than ten years of experience implementing and recording various frameworks and designs for research, so that every methodology will always be well chosen and appropriate for the research.

Data/Statistical Analysis

Our in-house writers consist of many statisticians and other researchers who have had years of exposure to the methods of data analysis that are appropriate for any type of research. Our writers can perform quantitative or qualitative analysis upon any form of data you give. In addition, we have state-of-the-art STATA and SPSS software (among others) that will make your results as accurate as possible.


We provide formatting services that gives you dissertation the professional look that you desire every single time. This service improves the layout and graphic content of your paper. (Please note that this is not the service that provides proofreading or editing, which must be ordered separately.)

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