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Marketing Plan Zara

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Executive summary General introduction (including a concise consumers and category market/ trend overview) Entry mode -The suitable mode of entry for Ezra to enter the clothing industry in Vietnam is franchising. -As Vietnamese Joint venture regulations are strict; the Vietnamese investors must own at least 51% of the enterprise's capital. This will create some difficulties to Ezra in term of controlling the business. Therefore, franchising is more suitable because the mode of entry is suitable for entering a small country and subject to significant cultural differences from Sara's home base (Spain) as Vietnam. In term of financial, franchising creates another source of income for Ezra, through payment of franchise fees, royalty and levies in addition to the possibility of sourcing private label products to franchisees. -In term of strategic, franchising can be Sara's mean of spreading risk by multiplying the number of locations through the franchisees' investment.

SOOT analysis Market segmentation and targeting - Segmenting and Targeting the market* -Sara's target customers are paying attention in high trends and want to have the latest fashion trends. -Geography, demographic, cryptographic, benefits, and usage rate are the main asses for segmenting consumer markets. -Demographic segmentation plays a big role for Ezra. -It includes gender, age, ethical norms, and family life cycle. -Sara's target market is mostly women and fewer men. Ezra designs more clothing for women. -It is focused on people of different age, including generation X and Y.

Those who earn enough money and are able to buy clothes from Ezra shops. - Positioning the company* -INEDITED currently runs 51 54 stores segmented into eight branded chains: its flagship brand Carat, Pull & Bear, Misaims Duty, Berserk, Strabismus, Shoo, Ezra Home and Utter;e. -Ezra has positioned its brand to deliver the latest fashion, well made, at a price that makes it attainable by millions of people. -EZRA is positioned more fashionable compare to its competitors but surprisingly with a relatively low price behavior. Estimate market share Marketing objectives - Set marketing objectives* Fast lead time - differentiating the design, manufacturing and distribution progression - keep costs down by keeping stocks low - products are available on the shopping floor and regularly replaced, given the short life of items * ; ND groups of designers Fast fashion - used information technologies - through point of sale system into what the shops sell as their feedback is sent back to the head office * ; Brand name more well-known - international expansion (stores, distribution centers)

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