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What Are Some Techniques

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Integrating Sources Techniques for Paraphrasing When you write a paraphrase, you restate other's ideas in your own words. That is, y oh write the meaning of the author's ideas. You use some of the author's key terms, but you use many of your own words and sentence structures. You include in- text citation, including the author's last name and year of publication. Following are some techniques you can use to help you paraphrase. An effective par phrase includes more Han one of these techniques.

If you use only one of these techniques when paraphrase aging, you have not paraphrased effectively. 1 . Change a word from one part of speech to another Original: Medical professor John Swanson says that global changes are influencing t he spread of disease. Paraphrase: According to John Swanson, a professor of medicine, changes across the globe are causing diseases to spread dames, 2004). 2. Use Synonyms Original: The U. S. Government declared that the AIDS crisis poses a national security threat.

The announcement followed an intelligence report that found high rates of HIVE infection c could lead to widespread political desalination. Paraphrase: The government of the United States announced that AIDS could harm t he nation's security. The government warned the population after an important governmental study conch dude that political problems could result from large numbers of people infected with HIVE (Snell, 2005). 3. Change numbers and percentages to different forms Original: Minority groups in the United States have been hit hardest by the epidemic.

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What Are Some Techniques

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African Americans, who make up 13 percent of the U. S. Population, accounted for 46 percent of the AIDS cases diagnosed in 1998. Paraphrase: The AIDS epidemic has mostly affected minorities in the United States. F or example, in 1998, less than 15 percent of the total population was African, but almost half of the people diagnosed with AIDS

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