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Western & Native America Medicine

In such a situation, I would first create a good rapport between Mr.Wolf, his wife and I.I would start by thanking them for visiting the health care centre and for allowing me to run some tests on Mr.

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Wolf. I would then advise him that it is a good thing to look after our health as this is the only way that we will be able to live to see tomorrow. As Broome, B. & Broome, R. , (2007) says, the Native Americans value their traditions very much. It is therefore necessary to act as one of them or rather to respect these values and demonstrate to them that they are important.

By doing this, I will be able to prescribe some new medication and at the same time, I will be certain that Mr. Wolf will respect and adhere to the directions that I would give him. After examining him, I would give him the antibiotics that he is supposed to take. I would try to educate him on the importance of these drugs as they would help him to regain his health. I would do this by explaining the consequences of prostatitis and the effects or damage that it might have if it is not treated.

I would not discourage him from taking his herbal medicines that he was prescribed. Instead, I would thank him for visiting the healer or the health counselor or advisor. I would encourage him to continue taking the herbs as they were directed by the healer or the health counselor. In addition, I would also advise him to take the medications that I have administered to him without fail. This way, he will feel that I am supporting him and at the same time I am respecting his culture.

According to Cohen (2003), American Indians or the Native Americans value their tradition very much. This means that if at all I will act as if I am not respecting this fact, there are chances that he will not follow my directions and therefore he might not get well at all. Alternatively, there are some herbal medicines that are not likely to do well with the hospital medicine. I would therefore ask him to go home with the medicine that I had administered to him and make sure he takes them.

I would explain to him that there are some herbal medicines that would counteract with the hospital medicines that we are taking. I would advise him to come with the herbal medicine that he is taking so that we can see if they have any content that might react with the antibiotics. This way, we would be able to prevent any further reaction in his body. When they bring the medicine, I would analyze it and assess whether it has any reaction with the antibiotics that I would have given him.

If there is a reaction, I would change the antibiotics, alternatively, I would try to advise him that there is a serious reaction that might take place if he took both the medicine that I administered and the herbal medicine at the same time. I would then try to explain to him that the diseases that he is currently having is very serious and therefore he need to give it a first priority. According to Moses, L. & Wilson, R, (1985), Native Americans are known to speaking in parables.

I would therefore try to formulate a story about a patient who had such a disease and who defied or rather who refused to take the medication that I had given him and chose the herbs. He only stayed for five months before succumbing to the illness. This would be in the aim of convincing Mr. Wolf to give the antibiotics the first priority and stop taking the herbs for some time. I would advise him that he can immediately go back to the herbs onces the antibiotics are over.

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