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University Application

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I would like to explain about work experience. From 2005 to 2007, I worked as a help desk technician for a high school affiliated to Korea University in Korea. I maintained roughly 400 desktops and supported technical works including backup, error corrections of desktops and printers, and unskilled user’s mistakes. I formatted and installed Windows OS and replaced main-board’s condenser, VGA, RAM, HDD, LAN card, and ODD. I installed a LAN line for new class rooms to be internet accessible. In 2008, as a system operator I worked for one of the biggest securities companies in Korea.

I implemented a daily batch job involved opening and closing a stock market, processing deals in stocks, ERP, marketing and whole stock task with Solaris UNIX. I was involved in discussion on a modification of a batch job scheduling and maintained a batch job by documenting on a scheduled manual record and analyzing the dependency while recording the elapsed time. The next job that I worked for one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Korea, where I discussed about annual operational plan and held the responsibility of including DB running on AIX UNIX and CTI, IVR and recording servers running on Windows 2000.

I did first-level troubleshooting and informed a person in charge of a server when the issues arose. I continued to work as a technical support specialist for Apple in 2011 in Singapore. I provided front line support via live web-chat and email for Apple Care certified technicians. I drew on technical information from groups such as Apple care engineering, service training and documentation with a predominant focus on assisting field technicians with the repair of Apple Products.

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I identified potential engineering issues and trends in escalations by ongoing analysis and tracking of escalations, and analysis of reports. Currently I am working for Seagate as a technical support specialist. I answer to inbound customer inquiry calls and emails for individual and business Seagate hard drive customers. I work cross-functionally to resolve complex issues in Windows and MacOS environments. One day, I participated in a project in designing a team website to implement integrated trouble shooting.

It became a great internal knowledge base for our team. It is also very helpful as all articles written by hands on experience for specific issues. After designing the project, I have trained team members for trouble shooting steps for Apple products, and it was a good opportunity for me to utilize my previous working experience at Apple. I am quite interested in UNIX system administration and database. I want to be a computer science professional who delivers environment friendly, convenient and secure life to the world.

Special achievements I have made is that I was promoted to be an advanced network product support team member in Feb 2013. I was Chosen as a top 10 agent of all agents around the world in 2011. My personal aim is to know essential computer knowledge to lay down the foundation. Furthermore, I wish to learn the computer and its related fields in depth. Actually, that was my hope when I was working as a system operator in a big data center. This was because I ran shell scripts daily but sometimes I did not fully comprehend how it works.

I monitored SQL queries yet sometimes I had difficulty to understand it. I would like to build my career at business computer related. However, the requirements I applied were asking a degree in computer science. In addition, I hope to discover a potential and interesting area in computer filed through BCS. I would like to study with Adelaide University as they provide high quality teaching. I believe after graduation of this degree, I will be highly skilled and adaptable with the ability to design computer-based solutions to the problems of information management and processing.

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