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United States Efforts To Combat Domestic Counter Terrorism

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The threat of terrorism has become real since the 9/11 attacks in the US. The government as well as the international community has joined efforts in order to combat the ever present terror attacks mainly targeting America. Although there have not been other terrorist attacks in the US soil since the 9/11 attacks, the fact that, terrorists continue to threaten and in fact other US interests outside the US remains as clear pointer to the fact that, terrorism is a real threat to the US and therefore warrants measures against protecting every American’s right to fundamental freedoms guaranteed under law.

Terrorist activities recently targeting the US allies and foreign interests include attacks in Kenya, Morocco, Pakistan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen and Tunisia. The above calls for tough and effective anti terrorism laws to curb the evil. It is against that background that, US has taken considerable measures to combat the evil both domestically and internationally. For the purpose of this, paper, attention will be given to domestic measures aimed at curbing terrorism and only touch a little bit on international terrorism.

International measures have included the capacity building programs being initiated by the US in its allies by giving incentives such as training military on the effective military combats styles as well as increasing of satellite surveillance as well as use of communication technology to track and disrupt the activities of the terrorist and carry out preemptive attacks on their bases if suspected to be planning and attack (Abuza, Zachary,2005). On top of that, according to , combating terrorist requires a coordinated activity.

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The first step involves the use of al means in order to deny the terrorists the chance of committing the crime in other words decapacitating them, this is possible through number of ways which include, cutting arms supply, denying terrorists access to arms and other weaponry which would be harmful if left in the reach of the terrorists and improved security checks in all vulnerable areas such as airports all aimed at lessening the probability of terrorists successfully attacking the US.

One can not forget the role on good governance for in some cases the activities of terrorism have happen just because a government official serving in a major security installation such as in the airports or immigration department s failed to execute their duties properly (Acquaviva, Mike, 1989) The US has in measure aimed at improving its home security passed several antiterrorism bills all of which have in one way or another contributed to the interruption of terrorist activities therefore lessening the chances of terrorist attacks in the US.

In a bid to protect its citizens and sovereignty America enforced many measures including military operations in places deemed to harbor terrorist activities or are at least sympathetic to terrorist activities. The constitution of America empowers the president through congress to intervene in cases where the country comes under security threat using all means under his/her discretion. It is against this back ground that, the US has taken measures which not all agree to have nevertheless helped to reduce the incidence of attacks.

Such measures have included the empowerment of all security institutions such as the FBI and the CIA, to play a bigger role in the hunt and elimination of terrorists and their activities, increasing military expenditure as well as security budget to facilitate programs aimed at combating terrorism. Other activities have included the passing of laws aimed at confiscating property suspected to originate or be ended to terrorist cells or allies.

Other key measures aimed at combating the crime involve the passing a bill which empowers key security agencies to intercept communications deemed suspicious and likely to enhance terrorist activities. Other measure have include the coding of the US security levels to also alert the people of America when ever a threat of attacks is deemed inevitable as well as when it is considered relatively safe. Also the US has introduced the concept of travel advisories which although they do not apply domestically are key in protecting the Americans against the thereat of attacks.

Other than the methods used, it does not occur there were other alternatives since, the present measures have succeeded in making the US a better place. It is notable that, there has been numerous attempts by the terrorists groups to hit US again possibly to commemorate the September 11 attacks but all have been thwarted or intercepted and if they happen it has been in a small magnitude. Although critiques have argued that, the measures taken by US has increased anti-Americanism especially form Islamic countries, the fact is that, the terrorist are determined to attack US and considers such as achievements.

This calls for no less than radical measures aimed at maintaining the security of Americans. In the fight against terrorism, the US has not been alone for it has received all manner of support from its key ally Britain as well as from the UN which helped pass some of the international amendments aimed at curbing the threat and danger of terrorism (Abuza, Zachary,2003). In all regions of the work the US has key partners’ and allies who allow it to operate form the solids in the endeavor to reduce the efficiency of the terrorist.

From Africa to Asia, and Far East, the US collaborates with key countries through sharing of intelligence, use of countries facilities, to launch activities as well passing anti-terrorism legislations which are deemed crucial in deterring terrorists. On the other hand the US benefits form these ties in that the countries can arrest suspects wanted in connection with terrorism and them to US for interrogation and trial especially those wanted in connection to the September attacks.

Just like all other well intentioned struggles, the combat against domestic terrorism will need the right environment in order to be successful as well as to achieve is objectives. In a nutshell the following are the most immediate needs and changes which may result into a fight with a well guided mission and vision, one which will meet the expectations of the people of America. Firstly, the issue of good PR will need to be emphasized a lot and it needs to be highlighted in all departments and institutions dealing with terrorism.

Although the US military has done much efforts to meet this, goal, it is has not been sustained and maintained in that, some organs of the government seem to be comfortable with the progress so far. Far form the truth, there is need to ensure that, every move from the government aimed at countering the threats of terrorism as well as all others aimed at influencing major international partners as well as world bodies such as the UN are not misrepresented or misinterpreted by the public.

Against the background of the Iraq war which has resulted into enormous life losses to the Americans, it is easy for people to lose the zeal for the fight and start opposing it. This happens due to poor communication as well as poor PR skills. Therefore the role of communication and PR in this war against domestic terrorism needs to be speeded up in order to ensure that; throughout all campaigns the government has the blessing of the masses.

The other challenge in the combat against domestic tourism comes in the form of opposition to legislations or bills aimed at solving the problem of terrorism. When ever a senator or any member of the congress brings up a motion on terrorism fighting, there is a need for all the congress men to put aside all their political ideological differences to back such law because its touches the whole American society. Lastly, the challenge of people withholding crucial information from the law enforcement agents is a matter of grave concern.

Usually, terrorists live among the people that they plan to attack. In that case, those who live near the terrorists and shield them from the law enforcer are obliviously on the wrong. The public should be more involved and actually share any crucial information with the police. By hunting down for terrorist in the mountains, jungles and seas, by attacking those who collaborated with the terrorist to attack it, the act of the US in regard to terrorism can not be regarded to as being overreaction.

Simply put, there was no other way of doing it, the US had lost close to $100 billion in terms of economic damages as a result of terrorists activities of the recent past. Against such a background, the activities and efforts of the US to combat domestic tourism can be termed only as fair and justified for failure to act would and can lead to further attack hence more losses. This can also significantly affect the world order as the US is looked up on by many vulnerable countries to offer protection in cases of external aggression on their sovereignty as it did in the case o Kuwait.

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