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Problem Of Domestic Violence In The United States

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While watching the news or reading newspapers, it’s no longer uncommon to find another heartbreaking story about domestic violence. This issue has reached a terrifying level. The numbers of domestic violence cases in the United States of America are steadily increasing each year directly related to the increasing stress level of the United State as a whole. Domestic violence is caused by misunderstanding among family members, work related stress, as well as influence from media.

This can ultimately result in divorce, depression or other emotional illness, and disconnection of families, whether it be between spouses or parents and children. Stress is a major cause of domestic violence. In today’s society, everyone has ‘too much on their plate. ’ Americans too often over commit their selves. Whether it’s staying later at work to get that one quote done or chauffeuring all 7 kids to each of their sport’s practices, they are just too busy. This generation’s kids are so involved in sports, school, along with participating in numerous extracurricular activities.

Children can consume parents’ lives, leaving no time to spend with each other. Misunderstanding, as well as a lack of communication, among families can emanate from the absence of trust between family members. A loss of trust can put a huge strain on a marriage as well as relationships between parents and children. Trustworthiness between family members is necessary for a successful relationship. In addition, lack of communication between family members can cause many problems. Without communication, people often lose trust in each other.

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Furthermore, media has an increasing influence on Americans. Over the past few years, it seems like most television programs revolve around broken families. Media is creating the impression that this is how it’s supposed be, which is absolutely false. These causes a can all be prevented. American’s simply need to be strong, calm down, and stop sweating the small stuff. The effects of domestic violence are serious. Domestic violence includes verbal and physical abuse of children, teenagers, spouses or other family members.

Divorce, abuse of a parent, or the abuse the child directly can destroy a child. They may lose all self confidence, become extremely shy, or even take out their built up anger and fear on other children at school. Domestic violence of teenagers can have an even more serious and traumatic effect: suicide, self abuse, or abuse of others. The effects of domestic violence of adults include the effects on children and teenagers and more. The most popular effect on adults is the divorce of spouses. Divorce affects both spouses, and often times after a divorce children are neglected.

Depression and other emotional illnesses often stem from domestic violence. Domestic violence leaves lasting effects on anyone who experiences it. There are many causes and effects of domestic violence. Media and work related stress are two causes that can be easily eliminated. The emotional tolls one goes through when involved in a violent relationship are heartbreaking.. American families need to get out of this rut, and stop hurting each other. These physical and emotional scars of those affected are impacting our country as a whole. Let’s take a stand against domestic violence, and stop it.

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