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Unemployment Policy Can Help In Difficult Time

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Unemployment can be a result of many factors, being fired, budget cuts, service no longer needed, failed business, etc. Unemployment is a prevalent issue today. Since, the 1920s unemployment has been a top issue and finding a way to eradicate the situation has always been a part of presidential campaigns. In a situation of unemployment, more families are finding difficult to provide for their families. In 2012 more than 197 million people were unemployed this about 6% of the workforce, as a result, of unemployment, families can end up stranded or homeless, unable to make ends meet.

There are more cons than pros when it comes to unemployment. When families live with the fear of being evicted it affects everyone differently, but with this policy, they now have the means to provide for their family and themselves. In the meantime, they search for new jobs to independently provide for their families. When unemployment decreases workers begin to make money again, allowing them to pay bills, buy groceries, and provide for their children; This also benefits businesses, and the economy once more people find jobs.

The bill provides enough money to cover necessities like groceries. Those who receive this aid are only qualified for 26 weeks to 33 weeks through the Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC) program. Benefits like unemployment insurance and subsidies to aid in retraining are part of the policy as a form of reinforcement. This offers unemployed people more time to search for jobs and find ways to get back to work; However, today it's difficult for some people to find a part-time or full-time job within that period to be able to support themselves.

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Unemployment Policy Can Help In Difficult Time

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The policy provides the financial assistance that these individuals and families need in their most difficult time. I support the unemployment policy for many reasons. First, it gives those unfortunate enough to lose their job a temporary means to get by. And, it gives a safety net. It's enough to pay for the bare necessities in your life like bills and food. Also, it provides temporary financial assistance. Without standing, the main goal of this program is to reduce the hard impact of unemployment and help individuals get back on their feet. While these unemployed people are searching for jobs they enjoy the benefits of unemployment insurance, unemployment compensation, and welfare and subsidies to aid in retraining.

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