Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Strength Development of Fly Ash Concrete

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Upon this survey it is shown that the UPV and strength development, severally, with the age of the concrete havingdifferent fly ash. Both increase their strength with age.

At the same age, both UPV and the strength of concrete with low per centum fly ash are higher than those with high per centum fly ashmainly because of the denser construction of concrete with lower fly ash, thisindicates that concrete with high fly ash at the age of 1 yearss has a UPV of approximately 89 % of that of 30 yearss, but the strength is merely approximately 60 % concrete becomes ill-defined when age and mixture proportion is taken into consideration at the same time. This observation suggests that it is be better to individually see the consequence of age and mixture proportion on UPV and strength relationship.

It was concluded that the relationship between the Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity ( UPV ) and compressive strength of concrete every bit good as to understand the influence of the mixture proportion and the age of concrete on the relationship between UPV and compressive strength. Specific decisions are as follows:

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The UPV and strength growing rates of high and low per centum offly ash concrete have a important difference at an early age. As a consequence, to clearly specify the relationship between UPV and the strength of concrete with different mixture proportions, it is necessary to extinguish the intervention caused by the different UPV and strength growing rates of concrete at early ages. The equations obtained from the simulation curves can be used to find the mortar strengths of the howitzer mix proportions.

Sorptivity Test

Based on the ASTN C 1585-04 criterion sorptivity trial is concerned with measuring of the rate of soaking up of H2O by hydraulic- cement concrete. Therefore this trial is focused on measuring the lastingness and strength of fly ash howitzer relation to sorptivity. Research shows that in civil technology quality howitzer or concrete is associated with good compaction strength every bit good as reduced degrees of sorptivity obtained through efficient casting and hardening. ( Ho et al. 1989 ; Ho & A ; Lewis, 1988 ) .With most building stuffs being porous, suction of wet and motion belongingss of such stuffs have been established to be the primary cause of many civil technology jobs such as corrosion, procedure of wetting and drying etc. this prompted research focussing on the undermentioned critical parametric quantities: capillary action potency, H2O diffusivity and hydraulic conduction. To accomplish the aim, sorptivity proving method that involves a uni-directional H2O soaking up from the samples was adopted. Based on this method, specimen cumulative sum of H2O absorbed is related to the square root of the clip consumed therefore set uping the following relationship ( Hall, 1981 ) ;

I = S* T0.5

where S = sorptivity

T0.5= clip taken ( elapsed )

Therefore sorptivity can be assessed and evaluated through capillary action measurings. This is achieved through finding the rate of stuff soaking up topic to its homogeneousness constituents. During the experimental procedure, both H2O and superplasticizer were utilized as trial fluids. Therefore, the casted regular hexahedron samples were so placed or immersed in H2O for a period of 30 yearss bring arounding after which the specimens ( sized 50 mm * 50 millimeter ) were dried in an oven for over 72 hours in temperatures of 85 °C.

The measure of H2O gripped by the samples ( specimens ) in a clip frame of 30 proceedingss was determined through the procedure of weighing the specimens utilizing a top pan balance weighing up to 0.1 milligram. The truth of the consequence obtained is ensured by pass overing off surface H2O on the specimen utilizing a dampened tissue and each deliberation operation for single specimen was done within 30 seconds. The consequence obtained is evaluated utilizing sorptivity relationship equation illustrated below ( Hall & A ; Tse, 1986 );

I = S* T0.5

Therefore S=i/ t?

Where ;

S= rate of sorptivity ( in millimetres )

t= clip taken ( in proceedingss )

I = ?w/Ad ?w = difference in weight obtained = Wi-Wd

Wd = the dry weight of the oven prohibitionist ( in gms )

Wi = weight of the regular hexahedron submergence specimen after 30 proceedingss soaking up of H2O ( in gm ) .

Figure 13: Sorptivity

Water Absorption

Figures ( 11, 12, and 13 ) identifies and presents the waterabsorption values for 1, 7, and 30 yearss for assorted mixtures. It is shown that when the fly ash is acquiring finer, the rate of H2O soaking up is lower. Furthermore, the higher the fly ash/ cement ratio, the no nothingnesss for the H2O to sip through to increase the weight of the regular hexahedrons ( Prinyaet al. , 2005 ) .

Lower the rate of H2O soaking up. This is because when the volume of fly ash is increasing, it will make full the nothingnesss, increasing the denseness and hence be forestalling H2O soaking up ( Prinyaet al. , 2007 ) .

Figure 14: Hardening age One twenty-four hours

Figure 15: Curing age Seven yearss

Figure 16: Curing age 30 yearss

Due to there being a limited experimental probe refering the H2O soaking up andsorptivityof howitzer, the undermentioned observations are made sing the opposition of partly replaced Pozzocrete1:3 proportion howitzer.

Variation of Residuary Compressive Strength With Upv

Residual compressive strength of specimens lessenings with addition in UPV. Variation of residuary compressive strength with UPV is shown in Figure 18 0 % specimen which recorded a residuary strength of 12.62 ( MPa ) corresponds to maximum UPV 2381 % ( m/s ) among the three series. In contrast, 45 % specimen with 3132 ( m/s ) UPV maximal residuary compressive strength of 34.02 ( MPa ) . A multinomial tendency line for the relationship curve with corresponding equation gave a value of arrested development coefficient ( R2 ) of 0.9091.

Table 4: Relationship between compressive strength and UPV

Figure 18: Compaction Strength with UPV

Residual Compressive Strength With H2O Soaking Up

A Digital compaction proving machine was employed to find the compressive strength of the specimen at regular intervals. The inside informations of howitzer specimens are given in Table 4 ( below )

Table 5: Water soaking up, compressive strength

Increase in H2O soaking up with residuary compressive strength of specimen’s lessenings. Variation of residuary compressive strength with H2O soaking up is show in Figure 19 ( below ) 0 % specimen which recorded a residuary strength of 34.02 corresponds to minimal H2O soaking up 6.30 % among the three series. In contrast, 45 % specimen with 13.57 % H2O soaking up retained minimal residuary compressive strength of 10.47 % . A multinomial tendency line for the relationship curve with corresponding equation gave a value of arrested development coefficient ( R2 ) of 0.9999.

Figure 19: Relationship between compressive strength and H2O soaking up.



In concrete mixtures superplasticizer sums with high C fly ash add-on in the sum of 15, 30, and 45 % by weight of the cement content, it is possible to cut down the sum of H2O by 50 % , while utilizing mixtures superplasticizer.

The find and innovation of concrete alloies has witnessed enormous development in the building industry. In civil technology, alloies are used to better the belongingss and quality of building concrete in assorted ways ( Ramachandran, 2001 ) . This usually occurs during the blending procedure therefore impacting the building howitzer in the undermentioned positive ways ;

  1. Promoting workability of concrete
  2. Bettering strength and lastingness of the howitzer
  3. Enhance opposition against jobs such as corrosion, freezing and thaw action
  4. Increase H2O proofing characteristic in the concrete

Superplasticizer is an ingredient alloy used in concrete for assorted intents. The ingredient can be defined as the stuff advancing high degree of cut downing H2O in the concrete ( Csetenyi, Dhir & A ; Hewlett, 2002 ) . As a consequence, this stuff enhances the belongingss of building howitzer hence enabling the followers ;

  1. It enhances workability rate through increased placing features of concrete during building
  2. It minimizes the measure of H2O used in readying of howitzer at assorted ratios therefore advancing strength and lastingness
  3. The stuff is environmental friendly as it minimizes on the cement use every bit good as thermic strain ensuing from the procedure of hydration.

In this trial, the adoptive superplasticizer is fly ash stuff ( polymer ) which has the belongingss necessary to heighten concrete strength and lastingness ( Spiratos, 2003 ) . Some of the two basic features that this superplasticizer ( fly ash ) stuff has are ;

  1. There are high H2O reducing agents in building howitzer
  2. They have a self-compacting capableness in concrete

Fly Ash

Composed of a non-combustible component of coal compounds, fly ash grains are characterized by glassy spherical ball bearing finer atoms compared to ordinary Portland cement atoms. The atoms are micro-sized mensurating between 0.1µm-150 µm. The stuff is a pozzolanic and reacts with free calcium hydroxide in the presence of H2O therefore bring forthing Ca silicate hydrate ( C-S-H ) . CSH is the critical constituent that enables bonding of atoms and heightening strength every bit good as guaranting lastingness of gluing in concrete. As a byproduct, wing ash can be obtained assorted beginnings particularly power coevals workss such as Maize Products ( A division of Sayaji Industries Ltd ) Power works.

Figure 20: High Carbon Fly Ash ( HCFA )


For the controlled experiment in this survey, Ordinary Portland Cement ( OPC ) is utilised to enable and help proper comparing consequences. Through the comparing the survey will be able to avail proper grounds on the effects that fly ash has on the building howitzer or concrete as used in civil technology. The OPC used is categorized as of 53 class which conforms to Be: 8112-1989 criterion. A assortment of experimental trials were performed on cement to specify its pertinence in assorted Fieldss such as ecology, environment, economic system, engineering, etc. some of the trials include ; specific gravitation, consistence trials, puting clip trials, compressive strengths, etc.


Bing a multi-usable constituent, H2O is an important ingredient of concrete readying in civil technology. Besides enabling possible and proper commixture of the concrete stuffs, it triggers and catalyses chemical reactions between stuff. However, H2O is composed of chemical substances that may impact the concluding quality of howitzer or concrete used in a building. This is particularly when it reacts with other stuffs bring forth other compounds that will negatively act upon the quality of howitzer in footings of strength and lastingness among others. In add-on to this the ratio used will besides find the result of the concluding concrete compound. Thus the ratio of H2O cement used is 0.25 and 0.25 for superplasticizer of a howitzer.

In respect, a mixture of class M25 and M40 conforming to IS 10262:2009 were designed and implemented in the experiment to fix the trial samples. After undergoing casting and H2O soaking up for 30 years bring around, the 50 millimeter * 50 millimeters cubed specimens were dried for a period of 36 hours at the temperatures of110°C until the mass became changeless suggestion for the deliberation procedure. The resulted weight obtained was recorded as dry weight ( Wd ) for specimens. The samples were so placed in H2O at room temperatures for a clip frame of 36 hours after which the specimens were once more weighed and noted as submergence weight ( WI ). Therefore the per centum of H2O soaking up is given by the formula.

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