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The Income Break The income inequality is just the difference in the salaries of the different class of people and/or jobs. In The Rise of the Creative Class, Richard Florida takes a look at wages all across the U. S in order to compare and contrast wages. He does a breakdown of the 3 classes that he talks about earlier in the book and from there compare the wages. In one chart that is displayed he shows that Connecticut has the highest income but then he has another graph that shows otherwise. I don’t believe this could be halted because people of different jobs feel as if they deserve different levels of pay, which I do agree to.

In recent research I found that many people fall outside of the Creative Class because of their education levels or because of the performance they are willing to do at a job. So the people who are at a disadvantage are the working poor because they are mainly in a field where they have to do labor. Because our society is at a state of changing each and every day, I believe it is rather hard to stay in this field of creativity, unless you are willing to change careers or add on to your challenges in the work field.

Economists are researching the things that are changing in our world and the biggest thing is technology. Because technology is changing at a constant rate, it makes it hard for someone who is not able to be in the Creative Class. New things are evolving everyday and some jobs are not going to be needed in the future. Men and women could work the same job, but the man may get a better pay because of his gender. This brings me to the Five Faces of Oppression where they talk about the division in gender and how men get treated better than women.

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Women are dominant in the work field for minorities today. But compared to men who are working the pay is still very low. In previous chapters of The Rise of the Creative Class Florida shows a graph that show the pay of a woman compared to one of a man. Also the graph showed pay of minority compared to the majority. The differences amazed me only because I thought as a society we were getting equal and fair, but the graph and other research showed otherwise.

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