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Pop Culture in Todays Society Team Assigment

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Popular culture changes frequently and occurs exceptionally in place and time. It forms currents and represents a complex of mutually interdependent perspectives and values that influence society and its institutions in a various amount of ways. Today, we rarely see the representation of television shows that embrace settings that set positive images for our children today, it is more towards exploiting the fact that times have changed and so should we as people. There was a time when families gathered together and listened to programs being broadcast over the radio.

During this time, that was considered a special bonding family moment. Further more families at one time would allow their children to watch programs that created positive messages between each other. The physical connections among families have altogether been replaced by modern technology such as televisions, cell phones, and computers. The intimate relationship between Americans and their families has changed so that people do not indulge in an open conversation with each other; it has certainly been replaced by modern amenities.

There was a time when programs such as The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, and The Partridge Family were number one hits with families of that particular generation, now those choices have been replaced by reality TV, what is now considered family shows, such as American Idol, Big Brother, and Survivor. Among other television shows, Bart Simpson of the Simpson’s and Stewie Griffin of Family Guy, which should be targeted as an adult program, surprisingly are viewed by American children.

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Most of what is known about the world comes from figurative rather than experienced reality, particularly in advanced media-saturated societies like the United States. Youth today tend to be more influenced by pop culture and are more likely to take information from media sources into their worldview than older people. Children and adolescents largely rely on popular culture rather than draw from symbolic reality to form their cognitive scripts.

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