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Throughout My Childhood As I Grew Up

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I have always felt some type of warmth when it comes to music. Throughout my childhood, growing up with both of my parents and my two older sisters all different genres of music were played. Whether it was on the radio while my mother was doing chores, in the car with my father on the way to practice or even just my sisters listening to music with their friends. I believe that all the styles of music I grew up with has given a form to my feelings. Despite the fact I had never had any dreams of being a professional singer or any sort of musician, I have always been infatuated with music. I have been charmed by rhythm and melody since I can remember. I credit my father and sister Katie for commencing my love for music. The two of them are very talented singers so growing up and even still to this day they sing while doing anything.

I used to be able to sing but then puberty hit me like a brick. My father would constantly have The Bee Gees or some type of disco music playing. I feel some type of memorable connection to the music my father listened to around me when I was younger. However, I didn’t adopt an interest in those late 70’s artists or genres. I look up to Katie and always strive for her approval, especially as a child, so whatever she listened to I listened to as well. Being around them is probably the most conclusive reason I need music for any activity I do to this day. As I grew up, I found myself listening to all genres of music. Before a game or a workout I pump myself up with EDM, hip hop, and old school rap with artists like The Chainsmokers, Avicii, Usher, Neyo, The Notorious BIG, Tupac, Wu-Tang, NWA and countless other artists. Long car rides I mostly listen to country, Florida Georgia Line and Dan and Shay are my top two country groups. Honestly, I don’t have a certain genre of music that I stick to. What I love most about music is that it describes my current mood and it gives me a particular happiness that is indescribable.

People tend to listen to music that they remember and enjoy, but they also remember music that is meaningful to them. There was a point in my childhood when I sang with the church choir, obviously before puberty dismantled my voice. Singing with the church helped me feel a sense of belonging to a community. Being in the church choir gave me an opportunity to express my respect for my religion. This was something I loved when I was younger. As I matured, I grew out of the desire to sing for the choir. I very rarely listen to any type of religious music now, it just wasn’t something that I heard much outside of the church. I still remember some of the songs we sang because they hold a lot of meaning and this genre of music is just one that can instantly transport me back to this time in my life.

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When I was five I began taking hip-hop lessons which I continued until I turned twelve. At the time, baseball was more meaningful to me and it consumed too much of my life to take dance lessons as well. Hip-hop was something that lifted my mood no matter what. I was able to count on it and it took all my worries away for those 4 minutes and made me feel invincible. I genuinely adored hip hop, letting the beat move my body and feeling free dancing to the rhythm is something I’ll always treasure.

Going to a public school, encouraged all students to be more involved with music. I began to learn how to play the trombone. It’s hard to believe but I didn’t enjoy it in the slightest. I had absolutely no enthusiasm when it came to learning how to play an instrument. I always preferred just listening to the music being played. This experience helped me come upon that I’m much more of a music critic than anything else.

Music finds itself in almost all of my daily activities. My alarm clock goes off first thing in the morning playing my favorite song, ‘The Show Goes On’ by Lupe Fiasco. I get out of bed and find myself singing in the shower, then turning the television on and hearing today’s hits playing on the news. I get in the car and turn on my playlist and I’m listening to music for at least an hour on my way to class. Walking through the halls on my way to class I hear music through other students' headphones. After class, I head to the gym and they have music playing through the speakers. Any restaurant I stop at to grab something to eat, they've always got something playing. I get come home and my mother is listening to music and cooking dinner. Lay back in bed, turn a movie on and there's a soundtrack in the background.

Hearing music all day long actually influences my emotions without even realizing it. Music is a universal language and it can be found in the smallest things. It’s a crucial part of our everyday lives and it’s everywhere. I deem that music has repercussions on people in many different ways. To me, music is way more than just something to listen to to pass the time, it's something to feel. Music is extremely important in my life because I believe that it brings me closer to my family. I also feel that music has helped me get through things in my life, it was and always will be my bubble. Music is extremely powerful and has a huge place in my heart.

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