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The work poem

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Vive reached a bit further than half the book and I have been glued to the cover since day one. One major theme that Veronica Roth appears to be focusing on is that being yourself takes courage. She created this world where people are sorted into five factions based on a single test at the age of sixteen. In the earlier chapters, her family is shown to follow tradition and look at leaving the family in a bad way (reference). So when both Caleb and Beatrice Prior decide to choose a different faction and abandon there family, it shows the amount of courage taken.

During the sorting ceremony, Beatrice scrambled thoughts moving very quickly show the bravery involved in being yourself, not only to yourself but to those around you. The story opens up with a reflection. Reflection about self Image and who you are. It stars 16 year old Beatrice Prior's curiosity in herself, which is not common for those from Vegetation. When she tries to find herself she ends up finding herself In a dangerous position, being divergent (different). Her friends, Will, AAA and Christina seem very helpful as they are somewhat outcasts (transfers) that are not with the Andorra group.

Some predictions I made were that Four, one of the Dauntless Is the son of Marcus and he Is being pushed by Max to become a leader and possibly the leader of the Dauntless. I believe he may also be divergent and have the characteristics from the brave and the selfless, hence the fact that Max would Like him to be a leader. That is why the vegetation governs, because they are Incorruptible. I also predict that the reason that Divergence Is tabooed and exiled Is because they corrupt the system.

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Their abilities show the flaw In the system, and how his dyspepsia society and Its restricting thinking cannot be categorized. How can someone truly find themselves when they can only be sorted Into five different areas, where only one of the characteristics can be practiced. Another prediction Is a large war between the five factions. They all have complete differences (abnegation vs. erudite, dauntless vs. candor..? ) and are working together currently, but It only takes one diamond In the rough (divergent) to break the system.

As It seems there are many people who become factionists, this represents poverty and homeless Iranians, they may also create an uprising Like In the Hunger Games, which Is commonly related Josh The Road Journal As I finish the first half of The Road, my Minimal thoughts are that It's a great disappoint. In terms of characters, McCarthy takes a different approach when it comes to characters. No names are given to any of the characters. However, this does not take away from character development. I am fond of the concept of a father and son as main characters.

I feel as if it adds a twist on the genre and provides more of an emotional aspect to the story. Additionally, it adds a place to relate to, as everyone as experienced some form of paternal love. With regards to the characters themselves, The father expresses a deep love for his son. Demonstrated by him harming anyone that touches him. However, as I read on the father's health is deteriorating. I worry for their prospects of living. If the father were to die, most certainly would his son. He is too ignorant of what is happening in the world, as well as to accepting of others.

Although I wouldn't like it, I feel the father will eventually die. In terms of setting, McCarthy does a tremendous Job of conveying a barren and gruesome wasteland. Although I have yet to learn the exact location, I have a good understanding of the scenery. The plot is typical of a book of such genre. The characters are trying to survive, and are Journeying down "The Road". However, McCarthy spares no expense with regards to demonstrating the atrocities humans could commit. Certain scenes I found brutal to read, often pertaining to cannibalism. The theme of paternal love is prominent within the first section of the book.

Considering the main characters, this theme can be expected. McCarthy makes an effort to emphasize the man's love for his son. At various points in the story it is explained that the man's entire will to live lies within his son. Before his wife committed suicide, she pointed out ; "the boy was all that stood between him and death". The quotation explains that the only thing that prevented the man from suicide was his son. Furthermore, Despite the distaste with violence the two express, the father is quick to violence if his son is harmed. When they encounter someone who threatens to harm the boy the father does not hesitate to kill him.

He expresses such thoughts when he says; " My Job is to take care of you. I was appointed to do that by God. I will kill anyone who touches you. Do you understand? ". Throughout the story the father and son make reference to whether they are the "good guys". They often question the actions of others and themselves. With reading, I feel McCarthy has put emphasis on humanity and morals. They speak of "carrying the fire", which is the term they use to describe people who are moral. If such a situation was to happen in modern civilization, what extent will people go to survive?

Would people really strive to be moral in their actions, or succumb to inhumane ethos of survival? Secondly, McCarthy constantly shows the man's determination to live. Despite his sons questions on death, and his willingness to die, the man pushes on. Even despite the advice of his wife, he cannot afford to see his son die. His love for his son is too great to let him go. I think McCarthy wants us to consider what drives us. What do we love and fight for. That through love and determination people overcome the most dire of circumstances. That if a post apocalyptic scenario were to present itself would we give up on life?

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