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The Value and Use of Social Media

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    Knowledge is lifeblood and important tool in communication. Today, advanced social media has greatly changed the manner in which people share content, interact and collaborate. Currently, media has created a positive impact in the livelihood of many people and has become more valuable platform used for facilitating and sharing of knowledge. It has also enhanced and hastens the speed of communication, not only at personal level, but also at organizational level.

    The transfer of knowledge involves both receiving and disseminating information between two or more individuals (Ellison, Gibbs and Weber 2015). Moreover, when people meet and interact, a lot of knowledge is gained and shared, hence making the awareness among the parties involved (Hislop, Bosua and Helms 2018). In most cases, many organizations try as much as possible to ensure that that the information is kept safe for future references. This is realized through recording, scripting, also creating tools in order to access the stored knowledge.

    Ellison, Gibbs and Weber 2015 and Hislop, Bosua and Helms 2018 analyze that the trend has therefore attracted momentous attention from the professional and all fields of academic. In this dictum, the paper aims at providing a clear and elaborate understanding in the way in which current technology has taken part in information and knowledge transmission. It also looks at the manner in which the information is collected, analyzed and disseminated to various channels. Various academic journals, books are used in order to give explanations about the same.

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    Role of social media in promoting knowledge sharing and transfer

    According to Ngai et al. (2015), knowledge sharing is considered vitally important for the success of disaster management initiatives. Within or during the process of disaster management, many users of social media have used the platform for sharing whatever they have in order to help the public (Soto-Acosta, Popa and Palacios-Marqués 2017).

    Through social media, the information goes viral within the shortest time possible and most people and made knowledgeable within the shortest period of time possible. Both fields of social media and knowledge sharing are very intricate, since they enlighten the community. (Leonardi (2017) is also specific that social media help in empowering individuals and public in order to take part in various activities that are involved in knowledge sharing.

    According to the studies conducted by Leonardi (2017), companies that use social media have gotten a lot of benefits as opposed to those that do not use the media. For example, the companies that use media has better and are fast in accessing knowledge. They have lower cost in doing production, and attain high revenues. Such companies are more innovative to access products and services.

    This is because many people have vast knowledge about them, and therefore accessing them becomes easier. Moreover, the employees herein are well informed and the every information is shared within the stipulated time. In fact, the messages become content, which ideally reduces the time spent by employees while searching the company's information.

    Nonetheless, social media provide new avenues that help in managing knowledge. Knowledge is managed both at personal and organizational levels. This is achieved through social-collaboration and any networking opportunities that the company may provide for the workers. When personal knowledge is well synergized, it helps in fostering on a lot of creativity and innovation. When the communication is well used, it actually leads to companies' competitiveness.

    When there is healthy competition within the company, the output is also estimated to be high. The platforms provide new opportunities for organizations to benefit from the human resources. It also generate valuable knowledge that resides in the organization, which, potentially, can enhance work routines, business practices and knowledge sharing.However, engaging employees in order to adopt and use these platforms on regular occasion seem to a challenge most of the companies face, hence finding it difficult to adopt it.

    Social media is an effective tool used in order to bring back power to people and employees. In most cases, companies need a lot of understanding of their employees. It needs to know much concerning their needs and their motivational skills. This makes the employees to build intrinsic urge of working hard in order to realize the set objectives. To a greater extent, this reality challenges the existing business models that are used in most of the companies simply because the implementation plan for the use of social media is ideally accepted by almost all the employees.

    Because of this reason, it is very crucial to point on the employees and gets to understand their innermost need in order for the management to facilitate the best kind of motivation to offer to the workers. The use of social media in promoting the employees and rewarding them enables them to work enthusiastically and determined to hit the set objectives within the shortest time possible.

    Social media has no longer been a negligible phenomenon. Tools like face book, you tube have greatly taken the world in a storm. They have made communication be as fast as possible. Anything happening within a working organization goes viral within the shortest time possible. Most of the companies today do their advertisement through media. Marketing of the products is done online. Through this channel, most clients are met and a lot of interaction is made.

    It is through social media that the problems affecting the clients are attended to hence enabling them get instant solutions. Today, organizations have great and urgent need of not only focusing on innovation of the new products introduced into the market, but also paying attention to effective knowledge that is shared. In fact, the potential advantage of embracing and implementation social media is very pivotal and should be taken into account for any business to be properly managed.


    The use of social media in the life today has become part of life. In order for every business to grow and stabilize, the use of social media is very instrumental. At work places, social media play a very pivotal part in ensuring that the employees have good relationship with the employers. In fact, motivating workers through media act as an intrinsic factor for them to work hard. Social media has greatly enhanced communication among the working staffs. There is clear channel of communication between the employees themselves and the employer.

    Also, through media, the information is dispersed faster and clearly without any hindrance. It reduced the time and increases the rate of trust among the workmates. Also, social media help in solving some of the problems which could occur in the future. It helps creating a clear channel of communication, and the employees are made aware of whom to respond to in case of anything. For this reason, it is inherent to say that social media is a very essential tool in knowledge acquisition and should not only be used in offices, but also at homes. The world today informed, and through the use of media, information is spread and reverted within the shortest time possible. ?

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