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The study of Hallyu development in Vietnma

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Mongo Lee Ivy (Student) Ho Cal Mini city multiversity of Pedagogy, English Department Fifteen years ago, not so many people in Vietnam knew much about Korea, but now, it seems that the Korean wave, well known as "Halley", has successfully re- defined the notion of "Korea" in this South East Asia country community. In a few past decades, this phenomenon has become a familiar subject in Vietnamese citizen daily life since it brought a new trend to the country's entertainment market - romance dramas and visual music.

K-drama first came to Vietnam In 1 998, and since then, it has gone through three vital developing periods, which are Introduction (1998-Bibb Expansion (2002-2008) and Renewal (2008-now). Along with the popularity of K-drama Is the Integration Into Vietnam entertainment market of Korean drama Orlando sound tracks In 2002 and then K-pop In 2003. After over a decade, K-drama and K-pop have become panache envoys of Korean modern culture spread and gradually left their marks on Vietnamese society in various ways.

While the K-drama bewitches audience at all ages by the heart-touching storyline, sugary romance and good looking actors, the K-pop casts a spell over this country youngsters with its general melody, fluid dance moves and elaborate music videos. Nowadays, K-drama and K-pop seemingly are the kings of drama and music with at least three channels broadcasting its products on prime time. They also bring about the popularity of Korean cuisine, fashion and make up trend among the Vietnamese youngsters.

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The study of Hallyu development in Vietnma

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Moreover, they help opening a path for he expansion of Korean giant cooperation and companies, such as CA, Lotto, Samsung, Into Vietnam market. As a result, they take big part In building up Korea reputation In this South East Asia country society when more and more people recognize the Korean brand products and take them as first choices. But not everyone in Vietnam receives this culture wave with open arms. Because of its deep culture authorities do not encourage the spread of Korean wave. Beside that, the craze of Halley immature automatons makes this phenomenon opposed by a great portion of adults.

In this discussion, the presenters aim is to provide a brief look over the development progress of Korean drama (K-drama) and Korean pop (K-pop) wave, explain their popularity, clarify their impacts, identify their obstacles and bring up some suggestions for their continuation in Vietnam. In order to overcome these obstacles, the Korean culture spread is highly suggested to have a specific and appropriate developing program which fits the Vietnamese society. In addition, K- drama and K-pop are encouraged to continuously renew themselves to avoid being hackneyed.

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