The Lllusuion Of Love

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As small children, we are told fairytales about how the charming prince saves the princess and after only a short time period, a wedding commences. What we are not informed is that these stories are nowhere near the truth. We are not told about the heartache and tear-stained pillow cases that would follow. As we grow, so does our reality of theses stories being only an illusion of love. In most dictionaries, the definition is sadness or grief but it is so much more than that. It is not just emotion, but also a process.

In order to experience heartbreak, you must be in love, even if it's the slightest bit. Being in love is one of the most amazing feelings. You get the anxiety, the thrill, and the laughter as if you are on a ride at an amusement park. Although this may seem great, falling in love with the wrong person comes with losing close friends due to your partners opinion of them. Your goals and aspirations either get put on hold or even replaced for this lover. Jail time doesn't seem so bad with this relationship. You will put this person before anything and anyone. This is the first step in the process because once that romance is gone, you are left with ended friendships, bad decisions and disappointment. You are left with an aching pain.

When your heart gets broken, it starts off with missed calls and ignored text messages until that reality hits. You begin to wonder how to function without that other person because you are so use to their presence. You question how to get up in the morning because the previous night, you were up late crying, smearing mascara onto your white, silk pillowcases. A heartbreak is the feeling of emptiness, a pitch black whole burned into your heart. Your breathing feels as if you are breathing for a thousand others.The world feels as if it is coming to an end and you no longer feel as your own person. The feeling of loneliness still manages to approach. You begin to wonder if you are worth being on this world. You lose yourself trying love another. You then begin to get angry, you start speaking hateful words about this person that you use to talk about like they put the stars in the sky.

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This anger turns into insecurity. All the compliments such as “You are beautiful” have left with that person so when you finally face the mirror, you see yourself as worthless. The effort you put in yourself no longer seems...effortless.. After what seems forever, you begin to breath normally and smile but you still feel insecure. A heartbreak is not always a negative thing because when you're out of tears to cry, you are left with thoughts. Those thoughts soon turn into knowledge of the fact that your worth is more than that boy or girl. You begin to notice the many ways that person SHOULD have treated you. Last but not least, you realize that you loved them or the wrong reasons.

The final stage of a heartbreak is the acceptance and moving on. When you are able to accept that person is not going to come back and beg for your forgiveness, you must move on with your life. If you were good before someone entered your life, you will be perfectly fine once they exit. When love arrives, you must hold open the door, be kind. Never forget that not all love stays, so when it's time to say goodbye, show it out and say 'thank you or coming'. This will eventually lead you into finding someone. This someone will be known as your true love. Instead of loving their blue eyes, you'll love the way their pupil grows when they look at you. You will love this person because their hand fits in yours perfectly, they will remember your birthday, and instead of changing or avoiding your goals, they will inspire you achieve them. You will do the same in return.

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