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The Impact of Internet on Society

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The internet was thought of back in the early 1960’s as a way for scientist to share there theories, for other computer scientists to share there knowledge of the this new thing they have created. What we call the Internet today hasn’t always been called the Internet was first thought up to be a giant network. Leonard Klienrock at MIT published the very first “packet switching theory” in July 1961. Two men named Thomas Merrill, and Lawrence G. Roberts connected TX-2 computer in Mass. to the Q-32 in California, with a low speed dial-up telephone connection, in other words created the first “wide- area network”. Internet Society) From that point on the Internet was born. People all over the world were trying to get their hands in this new accomplishment and try to clam some of it for themselves. As time goes passed things are add to this network such as scientific studies, research papers of all kinds, people started to write programs to put on here and let people talk to each other. Companies started to advertise on the Internet by making pop up adds. Companies even started to do business on the Internet. To this day the Internet is still growing.

People are using the Internet to make a living, to talk to distant relatives, or even friends talking to each other. People use the Internet by shopping online, or by even selling things online. You can even find help organizations online. Email today is pretty much the Untied States Postal Service; you don’t need to buy stamps to mail somebody a letter. You can even send someone pictures, and movies over the Internet. All you need is an email address to send anyone an email. That brings me to my first good a bad point, all you need is an email address to email anyone something.

You receive almost anything in an email; from receive viruses, hate mail, junk mail, and spam. Another good impact that the Internet has made on society is online auctions. One of the most recognizable online e-trade sites is Ebay. Ebay originated in 1995. Now you can find anything from nuts and blots to a 1999, BMW 3-Series. Ebay also represents stores that include Wal-Mart, Kmart, private dealers, car dealerships, and a lot of other stores. The company in the second quarter set a new net record or brings in 110 million dollars.

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It was 102% over the same period last year. (USA Today) This could also be very bad to the companies that are not with Ebay that are trying to make a living off of the net. Most individual businesses don’t have the money to have Internet sites. So if there is another company that sells almost the same items and they have the money to own their own web site then that can really hurt the other companies. The Internet also helps out special organizations that want to be recognized for what they do. But for some none profit organization that is very hard.

It does cost quite a bit to run and host your own web site. As Curt LaBond puts it “It can’t only help build a stronger society, it can atomize it. ” But the Internet can also put out bad publicity for these individual organizations. (LaBond) From when the Internet was introduced there has been many good things come about. There are also bad things that came from the Internet. Many people take the Internet for granite and miss the whole meaning of the Internet. People try to harm the Internet by putting viruses out there that will shut some ones computer down.

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