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The Gun Control issue in America

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The Gun Control issue has sparked major controversy in America today. People who support gun control feel that guns are the reason for the soaring crime rate in our country, while others believe that gun control laws have nothing to do with it. These people believe that gun laws take guns away from law-abiding citizens while criminals continue to obtain guns illegally. The gun laws we have today do not appear to be doing anything as we continue to hear about shootings involving guns that were owned illegally. To protect the American people the best way to allow them to use guns for protection. In Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin eliminated the concealed carry permit requirement because the second amendment. Stricter gun laws would hurt Americans because of the black market, violent criminals being released from prison early, and the need to ensure personal safety, and will have very little impact on violent crime in America.

The debate for gun control has been around for a very long time. There is always talk of ending war for its violence and the number of casualties, in search of peace. A big push for the gun control movement was the Vietnam war. It was not a war for the United States to fight and was all around a bad situation. It put a fear of guns into people because it was not like other wars where we had a reason to be fighting. The movement against the Vietnam war was to end it since there was no reason for The United States to be involved. After we pulled the troops and brought them back to America, the people saw the effects of guns from a different perspective. This started the massive movement for more gun control laws that people part take in today.

Most laws on gun control are about limiting certain aspects of guns, while a few make these things illegal, such as bump stocks. Many of these laws are reasonable, such as limits on ammunition in a magazine depending on the gun. Other laws are not as reasonable, like the bump stock ban. “The stock uses the recoil of the semiautomatic rifle to let the finger "bump" the trigger, making it different from a fully automatic machine gun, which are illegal for most civilians to own.” (Is NRA move to regulate “bump stocks real or a ruse?, Lisa Marie Pane) A bump stock does not make a semi-automatic rifle into an automatic weapon. It allows a person to pull the trigger of a gun at a faster rate than before.

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