The Development of My Expository Writing

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Last Updated: 28 Feb 2023
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Have you ever been enchanted by the actions of a performer or awed by the moves of a dancer? This is what you will be feeling throughout the duration of my Expository writing portfolio. This is not only a portfolio for my Expository Writing class, it is also a reflection of myself and a representation of my beliefs that I hold true. In reading this, you are learning about the subjects at hand and most importantly, you are learning about my opinions on many topics. This Portfolio is a way of expressing myself through my writing, and should be looked at seriously and with an open mind. Although these issues are highly opinionated, keep in mind that everyone had their own opinion about subjects and that you and I are allowed exactly that, a difference of opinion.

The first essay that I wrote was concerning the ideas of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This man played a large role in beginning of the twentieth century and deserves to be recognized numerously on his ability to express himself and show how aggressive acts on blacks should not be tolerated. This essay was to be written about a letter that King had sent the Clergymen after reading negative statements they wrote about the black community. This essay shows the reader just how influential King was as a speaker and as a person. This essay assisted me to learn how to correctly site from text using suitable formats. If you want to know my personal views upon racism and the actions that accompany racism, read this essay, it will both inform and inspire a reader to possibly open their minds to understand and appreciate new things.

The second essay that I am including in my Portfolio is the dear editor essay about President Bushs address to the nation about his actions against the Taliban and the ideas of terrorism. The content of this essay is very much a current event, one that has been on the minds of all Americans since the attacks on our nation September 11, 2001. There are facts and quotes inside this essay that will help you to form your own opinion about the topic at hand. Although the topic of the essay was to decide whether or not Bush defends his actions against the Taliban, the information given in the essay is interesting and un-bias. I learned a lot about the topic at hand, not just when and where we dropped out bombs, but why. If you are wondering why Bush decided to hit certain targets then this essay can extinguish many of those questions. I quoted right from the speech President Bush gave on October 7, 2001, so the information in literally coming right from the mouth of our nations leader. My ideas on war and peace can be clearly taken from this essay because of certain language and examples that I include in my writing.

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Writing is a very personal thing, many people use writing as a sort of gateway to happiness. I myself tend to sit down and write on occasion, organizing my thoughts and expressing myself. This class has taught me to both write and express myself clearly; a characteristic that is both praised and looked for in the work force. A person that can communicate his or her ideas clearly on paper is an educated person, and an educated person is someone that is in high demand. With the lessons that I have taken from this class I am now better prepared for the life of a businessman. This class has shown me how to take a situation and approach it with an open mind, allowing clear thoughts and opinions to form and to be turned into words on paper.

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