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The Development of Huck Finn

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A persons morals change on the experiences they have encountered and their upbringing. In the story The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by: Mark Twain, Houck goes through many life-changing events that shape him into the person he is today. Growing up and witnessing pap being a drunk had a huge impact on Husks moral development. Houck frightened to see pap for the first time says "l used to be scared of him all the time, he tanned me so much I reckoned I was scared now too". Family has a big impact on a person's life. Depending on someone's morals and up ringing it can shape a person differently.

Houck voices his straggles about pap demanding money and being an alcoholic "He took it and bit it to see if it was good, and then he said he was going down town to get some whiskey' (pig. 21). Husks father coming into his life in such bad shape is hard to deal with. But raising above all the negative energy is key to not falling down the wrong path. Even though Husks family was not helpful, his other surroundings are a big impact with learning good morals. Husks realization that everyone is equal even if there color is different from him or ere is a huge change in a person's character and out look on life.

Jim in shock and excitement finally found Houck after thinking he was dead saying "Goodness gracious, is dad you, Houck? En you main' dead- you main' drowned yoga's back again? It's too good for true, honey, its too good for true" (pig. 84). This proves that Houck and Jim have a strong relationship caring for each other Just like family. It's the moment Houck realizes the color of Jim doesn't effect Husks feelings for Jim. Houck cries out of love for Jim wanting his forgiveness more then anything "It made me feel so mean I could almost kissed is foot to get him to take it back" (pig. 7). This shows that Houck doesn't want to loose Jim he's family to Houck. This is a big change to Husks life because he was scolded from his tricks and childish behavior. Learning lessons may not be the easiest but the satisfaction after realizing what you did is rewarding. Even thought Husks character changed drastically he is still a boy and some characteristics have stuck with him staying the same. Tom angrily yells at Houck when he's Just trying to come up with smart ideas to save Jim saying "Why draft it, Houck it's he stupidest argument I ever see" (pig. 40). Just like when Houck and tom were boys tom can never listen to anyone but him even though Houck might have some good ideas. The shows that Houck has grown stronger but still lacks in standing up for him self. Houck finally agreeing with Toms crazy ideas on saving Jim agrees "If its in the regulations, and he's got to have it all right let him have it; because I don't wish to go back on no regulations" (pig. 242). This shows that all Houck cares about is saving his friend even thought that means agreeing with Tom.

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Houck at the same time doesn't want tom to know he disagrees with him. Husks wants tom to think he's still that boy that listed and agreed to all his crazy ideas and games when they were younger. Houck goes though many experiences in his Journey to be a free person and they change his moral development and shape him into the great individual he is. Sometimes its easy to get lost with having a drunk as a dad, growing up in a time when the color of skin mattered and still being the same boy who takes orders from Tom. But everybody has the power to change and gain good morals in life.

The Development of Huck Finn essay

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