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The Backgrounds of Thami and Mr. M

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As a young individual, Thiamin was not able to see how his education was so structured and influenced by the government. However, as time progresses, Thiamin cannot appreciate the education, for the people that control what is taught in the schools also force him to live through the horrendous conditions of apartheid. He admits that his education is a political reality in his life. At the end of the novel, Thiamin is faced with a very difficult decision. He ultimately decides to escape the nation because he knows he cannot join the mob and the violence of the people that killed Mr.. M. Thiamin wants change in South

Africa. He realizes that the best way to accomplish this goal is to start over in a new place. Standing around in the same township accomplishes nothing, and Thiamin realizes this is not the proper method to bringing about change. Mr.. M has suppressed Thiamin in a tiny environment for all these years, and he finally feels the need to break out and let his voice be heard. Mr.. M grew up in a time where apartheid was not present. He had basic freedoms and he was not treated so harshly as the colored are treated in the apartheid period. Mr.. M turns a blind eye to the problems that are present in South Africa.

He still believes that modern day South Africa is the same as it was many years ago. It is hard for Mr.. M to fathom the struggle of the colored people in South Africa because everything was integrated when he was a child. This makes it very difficult for Mr.. M, for over a short period of time he was stripped of his basic freedoms. Mr.. M believes that true change lies in the hands of the children, for they are the ones that have a future possibility of sparking change in society. Contrary to Team's belief that education is a politically based system, Mr.. M sees education as a chance to transform his dents into fighters.

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The Backgrounds of Thami and Mr. M

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He wants to give his students inspiration and motive to rebel and question the system of apartheid. Mr.. M also favors education because he is lonely and depressed. Mr.. M deeply values the relationships that he creates with Isabel and Thiamin. It does not seem as if Mr.. M has a significant other in his life. It is strange that he holds such a personal bond with Isabel and Thiamin, and he continues to push them to be active members Of the team so he can spend time with them. He turns Thiamin into the authorities in hopes that it will cause him to return to school.

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