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Ted Bundy & terror

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Ted Bundy was a terror for girls and women in 1970’s. He was a serial killer and a rapist who is believed to have ruthlessly murdered more than 20 girls from 1974-1979. Theodore Robert Cowell was born on November 24, 1946 to Eleanor Louise Cowell in a Vermont residential home for unwed mothers.

His grandparents were introduced to him as his parents and his mother as his elder sister since she was unmarried. “Some, perhaps searching for some cause to Bundy's future actions, feel that Bundy's grandfather, Sam, may actually have fathered Ted out of an incestious relationship with Eleanor.

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The resulting confusion was the only known possbile truama in the young boy's life” (“Predator; Ted Bundy” BEGINNINGS). Eleanor married Johnnie Bundy on May 19, 1951 and Theodore Robert Cowell adopted Bundy as his last name. Bundy did not have any unpleasant experience in his childhood (“Predator; Ted Bundy” BEGINNINGS). By the time of his graduation Bundy had become a stealer. He met his love Stephanie Brooks during his studies at the University of Washington. Even though love blossomed in their relationship it was not long that the couple broke off.

“Bundy's lack of confidence and tendency toward manipulation had ruined the relationship” (“Predator; Ted Bundy” BEGINNINGS). Many of his victims are said to resemble Brooks who had a major impact on him. Bundy returned to his birthplace in 1969 and discovered the facts about his mother. He returned to the University of Washington. Another woman Liz Kendall entered his life and filled it with love. He had everything in his life by 1973- a degree in psychology, a loving partner and an impressive job with the Washington State Republican Party (“Predator; Ted Bundy” BEGINNINGS).

Bundy became a brutal murderer by the end of 1973. He killed a number of girls in Washington. His first victim was 15 year old Kathy Devine. He abducted her on November 25, 1973 in a green pick-up and her body was recovered on December 6. Joni Lenz, his next victim, however was not killed though she suffered from brain damage and internal organ injuries. Lynda Ann Healy was abducted from her home on February 1, 1974 and never seen again. His next victims were Donna Manson, Susan Rancourt, Kathy Parks, Brenda Ball, Georgean Hawkins, Brenda Baker.

All girls aged 15-19 years and Bundy followed a similar course of events in killing them- abduction and killing. Bundy carried on his inhuman routine and killed Janice Ott and Denise Naslund on July 14 at Lake Sammamish State Park. This time police could figure out a sketch and name Ted (though suspected to be unreal at first) of the criminal with the help of the people around (“Predator; Ted Bundy” SERIAL KILLER IN WASHINGTON). Bundy went to Utah after killing about 11 young girls in Washington. He carried on his fury in Utah and claimed his first victim 16 year old Nancy Wilcox on October 2, 1974.

Bundy raped, hit and murdered Melissa Smith and Laurie Aimee both 17 year old teenagers later in the month. He then tried to kidnap Carol DeRonch but she was lucky to escape. He was however successful in abducting another girl, Debbie Kent, later in the day who was not lucky like DeRonch. His next victims were Caryn Campbell, Julie Cunningham, Denise Oliverson, Melanie Cooley, Lynette Culver, Susan Curtis, Shelley Robertson, Nancy Baird and Debbie Smith. Most of the girls’ bodies were not recovered and those recovered were mostly nude and severely injured (“Predator; Ted Bundy” BUNDY GOES TO UTAH).

Bob Haywood, Utah Highway Patrol Officer, suspected a VW in Granger, Utah and tried to have a look into it. The driver drove the vehicle away but was caught soon by Haywood. Driver was identified as Ted Bundy and officer found several doubtful things in his car like burglary tools, a mask made of panty hose, an icepick, and handcuffs. Bundy had come under police scanner and they tried to figure out his link with the abduction of DeRonch. DeRonch could not identify Bundy but a teacher at school from where Kent disappeared identified him. He was held in relation to DeRonch attack.

Deronch later identified him and he was sent to jail for 1-15 years. He was then tried for the murder of Caryn Campbell. Police found her hair in Bundy’s VW. Bundy was defending himself in the case and while on the visit to the courthouse law library on June 7, 1977 escaped jumping from a two storey window. He was arrested again after 6 days of freedom. “On December 30, 1977, he hacked his way through an old welded light fixture in his cell ceiling and crawled through to a deputies living quarters, put on some civilian clothes and walked out.

He made his way to Vail, Colorado, took a bus to Denver, and boarded a plane to Chicago. ” He finally fled to Florida (“Predator; Ted Bundy” ARREST... AND ESCAPE). Bundy could not resist his killer temptation for long and attacked 4 girls on the night of January 14, 1978- Lisa Levy, Margaret Bowman, Karen Chandler, and Kathy Kleiner. Two of them were killed and other two survived. He also claimed the life of Cheryl Thomas the same night. All of the girls were ruthlessly beaten, raped and strangled. He abducted and killed another girl Kimberly Ann Leach on February 9 Feb 2008.

He stole VW again to escape but was soon arrested after some struggle and attempted fleeing (“Predator; Ted Bundy” ON THE RUN IN FLORIDA). Bundy was tried for the murders in Florida and convicted on July 23. “the bite marks on Levy's buttock and Nita Neary's eyewitness identification were too much to be overcome. Five days late the penalty phase began. Character witnesses were called by both sides including Mary Louise Bundy for the defense” (“Predator; Ted Bundy” LAST DAYS). On July 31 the verdict of death sentence came Bundy’s way.

The state of Florida tried Bundy for Leach’s murder and he was again convicted and sentenced to death. Bundy married Carol Ann Boone in the court who later gave birth to his daughter in October 1982. Bundy never admitted defeat and tried till end to escape his death sentence. Bundy’s death sentence was executed on January 24, 1989. He was electrocuted and declared dead at 7:16 am (“Predator; Ted Bundy” LAST DAYS). Fig. 1 (“Predator; Ted Bundy” LAST DAYS). Works Cited “Predator; Ted Bundy. ” tedbundy. 150m. com. 22 July, 2008 <http://tedbundy. 150m. com/main. html>

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