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Talent management is a process that emerged in the 1990s and continues to be adopted, as more companies come to realize that their employees’ talents and skills drive their business success (Hengst, 2007). Armstrong, 2006 also define talent management as an integration of activities that helps an organization to attract retain motivate the talent people it need now and future (Beardwell & Claydon, 2010,p. 162) . By referring to the book, journal, webpage and some of the lecture notes, I will discuss about the topic such as talent management, the purpose of talent management and the advantages and disadvantages of talent management.

Body The major elements (resources) that form an organization are man, money, market, material, machinery, and method. Man which also means talent is the most important element in an organization as all resources which available are useless and handicapped if without talent to manage it. Talent refers to the everyone in an organization which posses individual skills, abilities and can demonstrate high performance or potential. (Beardwell & Claydon, 2010, p. 162).

Talent management concept cover the whole employee life cycle from recruiting, selecting, training, promoting and hence retiring. It is essential for a company to hire the right person to in a right job position and hence provide the appropriate training and development to the employee from time to time to enhance the ability as well as maintain the competitive advantages in the highly competitively business environment today. Form the research of McKinsey in year 2006. He found out the biggest obstacle of talent management is due to the human.

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The employee in the organization will blame their superior for not understanding, the superior will blame the employee for poor performance and not committed sufficiently. This cause by the management do not take the talent management issue seriously as they believe it do not contribute to business performance. (Erikson, 2008) By applying the issue of talent management in O2, United Kingdom, (refer to appendix 1 for the company profile) initially the turnover rate is high and the performance of worker is not at satisfying level.

The roles of talent management take place to improve the situation and to solve the problem. Manager who equipped with talent management skill will be able to recruit the suitable employee for the position as well as retain the talent to keep serving for the company. By understanding the need and requirement of the employee, manager will able to motivate the employee to perform better and moving forward on the right track to archive the organization goals and objectives. Human resources is the most important and valuable asset of an organization.

The attraction, development and retention of talent are key success factor of an organization in the competitive world today. Talent management includes the process or attracts, select, retain, engage and develop the talent within the organization. Talent management help the organization to allocated appropriate people into suitable position, retaining the top talent, developing the talent as well as understand the employee better to boost up the company performance. However there are challenges which face by company and have to contend with regarding to the talent management issue – human.

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