Article Review: System Development Life Cycle

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In the article, Angel Tate summarizes the System Development, and the purpose of the System Development Life Cycle is to identify information that technology needs from a business but also to help meet the business needs. There are seven stages to this process first off is the Planning phase which occurs when the business feels they need an update or a new system. Next step is analysis phase where a clear understanding of the organization are established, the plan is review the business and searching for existing problems finding solutions. The design phase, the new system is detailed from software, functions, and hardware; these designs are irreversible to prevent going over the budget or behind schedule date. Development Phase which can also be considered as the building process. Testing Phase is to ensure that the system works correctly.  Implementation Phase includes installing components, transferring data, and training the employees. Last but not least, of the steps Maintenance Phase this involves correcting errors and making system upgrades and improvements. The SDLC is an organized system that is designed to create an information system to meet specific needs of an organization. 

            In our assigned textbook, Information Systems Essentials, it gives more details of each of the SDLC. The SDLC is a step-to-step approach for developing information systems that includes seven steps. SDLC is referred to as waterfall methodology, which is an activity base process where on phase of SDLC is followed by another. Building the system, you have three options. First option you can choose is insourcing, which is in-house IT specialist, someone within your organization. Second choice is selfsourcing (end user development) which is the development and support of It system with little or no help from It specialist, someone with knowledge of the work. Last but not least, the outsourcing specific work of a third party for specific things, another organization. The chapter goes into more depth of the three options but the article is about the System Development Life Cycle. System development has actually saved lives!  It has supplied with world with a lump sum of information on things such as infections reactions, or illnesses. People would never guess that the reason the world is informed about such things is because of a System Development. Chapter six of our assigned textbook elaborated more on how organizations go about this process and how important it is!


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