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Swot Analysis of Adidas sample

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SWOT Analysis S (Strengths)

  1. Adidas is a globally know brand name.
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  3. Produce a high quality products.
  4. International Brand awareness and recognition.
  5. Popular for sports footwear, clothing and accessories.
  6. Adidas is the biggest brand in the sport market, so it enjoys long term relations with the Olympics, FIFA World Cup etc.
  7. Diversity and variety in products offered.
  8. Adidas is known for its innovative and functional designs.
  9. The electronic communication of Adidas is well developed. Its website is also user friendly and promotes business.
  10. Large market share (16% of global footwear market).
  11. Major sponsor for a number of global sporting events.
  12. Purchasing of Reebok.

SWOT Analysis W (Weaknesses)

  1. High prices in some products.
  2. Online customer service not "helpful" or easy to find.
  3. High cost due to the small order quantity.
  4. Competition from Nike.
  5. Loss of trust.
  6. Love the brand more than the products.
  7. Not utilizing Reebok.

SWOT Analysis O (Opportunities)

  1. Entering the Asian market, China is the fastest growing economy in the world.
  2. New product development (like fragrance, equipment)
  3. New websites (Adidas global hub video website)
  4. Entering the female market.
  5. Social trend and popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, allowing Adidas to interact directly and build relationships with potential and current customers.

SWOT Analysis T (Threats)

  1. Nike competition. Nike has strong reputation in the footwear and apparel industry.
  2. Increase in the Price of Raw materials.
  3. Continuing challenges in import/export duties.
  4. Global economic downturn.
Swot Analysis of Adidas sample essay

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