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Summer essay

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It was pretty hard to find house is once there are so many and this is what did over the summer. First of all, there was not much going on over the summer and there was a lot going on at the same time. Over the summer I worked for my uncle and it was a very busy summer for me. At beginning of summer I went to his new office to set u p some new computers and printers. It took me about two week before I was complete Ely finished with the setup and the installation. After I was finished with the setup. Went t o do some shopping for myself . When I was done went back to the office the next day t o help my uncle finding new listing of houses. I started listing house for new customer a ND investors. And was officially started my study. The most exciting part about my summer was to find the house that will be moving in. There was a lot of listing of house. It spend about a month Loki Eng for new available houses for sale. And I also spend a lot of time going into houses that are for ale in Michigan.

Choosing houses can be a headache because you have to do background check in every single one of them you see. I didn't really have a g DOD summer, but I was happy about the new house. And finally there a was house that found that everybody in my family really liked. And now it was almost end of s mummer and I was getting worried about school. Now I was getting ready for next school year. And now I was almost done working with my uncle. Did some shopping over the Summer, and getting re dad school trials like notebooks and papers.

I didn't actually go anywhere special eve r the summer, but I think my summer went pretty well than past summer vacations that I had. This was also the summer with the most responsibilities that I had. In conclusion my summer vacation went very well. There was a lot of work an responsibilities. Enjoyed working with my uncle. He taught me a lot of new t wings that I did not knew, and I am really excited to move in the new home, and I hope m y next summer vacation would be even better than this.

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