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Summer: David Updike

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It is the simple childhood activities like e games of inns or baseball that gives him the feeling of youth. To parallel Homers feel Eng, Update describes the summer nights filled with an endless amount of stars making the e sky seem infinite with "no bounds" ( pig 359, Summer). As children, the sense of bounds ray is constantly being learned and discovered. This small view into Homers pastimes allows t he reader to catch a glimpse of Homer's childlike side. As the story continues, Homer takes an interest in Sandra, the girl next door.

He no longer plays games to pass the time, instead he spends his days thinking ABA t her. Soon he notices notices every detail about her, her inability to get a tan despite being outdoors, or the way she walks. However, as young man, to approach Sandra and tell her how he really feels takes large amounts of courage. When Homer is around her, he is always very cautious not letting on too much about how he feels. For the time being, Homer is living in absolute bliss. With a "merciless succession of beautiful days" (pig 301, Summer), it seems like e nothing can wrong.

Time slows down and everything is perfect, especially with Sandra. Unfortunately all good things come to an end. As summer comes to an end, H emmer realizes that he will have to say goodbye to Sandra without her knowing his try u feelings for her. Time isn't the only thing running out for Homer, the glorious summer day s have also begun to fade "leaving the sky a hard and unbroken blue" (pig 361 Summer). Despite the feelings of sadness, all it takes is one small touch from Sandra to assure him t hat "his love [had] been returned" (pig 363, Summer).

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The simplicity of the action was neon ugh to make him tauter and realize that even though he might not have expressed himself full y, the message he was trying to convey was still understood and returned. Childhood to adulthood is a transition that all individuals experience. Update Illustrates this change through the example of first love. Homer's hesitance to express hi s feelings to Sandra is just one type of growth that helps shape an individual to be who the y are as an adult. Update then uses setting, symbolism, and events to parallel Homers fee lings throughout the month.

Summer: David Updike essay

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