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Stanley Park

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City of Kelsey – Stanley Park Project Rachelle Bittle Abstract The City of Kelsey is considering and requesting community input on the propanol of the Stanley Park Project. This project is a park that will cover 60 city acres that will serve community members of all ages. City of Kelsey – Stanley Park Project The City of Kelsey is a community of 600,000 people. Geographically Kelsey covers over 200 square miles and is bordered by a river on one side and farmlands on another. Kelsey has a median age of 32 with a household size of 2. . (Apollo, 2011) The City of Kelsey was incorporated 78 years ago. Suburbs that house the headquarters of a major shipping company surround the City. The major services of Kelsey are the Cities Administrative Services, Police, Fire, Community Services and Development Services. Kelsey has a school district that houses over 71,000 students and employees over 90 employees. (Apollo, 2011) The proposal of the Stanley Park Project aligns with Kelsey’s goals to have to amenities of a big city while keeping the small town charm.

They Stanley Park project would occupy 60 acres with in the city limits that would be accessible by one controlled city street. The city has some very important values. The city has Public Trust, Customer Service, Employees and Continuous Improvement as values that they have committed to. Stanley Parks setup has that large city feel. The park would include amenities to suite any community member’s desire. The park would include a police substation, dog parks, Volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, Aquatic Facility, Community Center and an outdoor area equipped with playground and picnic area. The administration of Kelsey will have to make sure that financially that Kelsey can stay up with the up keep of this project. The project seems to have many great things to offer the public. When presented to the public they will need to make sure that they focus on the services this park will provide to the communities children and senior population.


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