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The Recruitment Process of Morgan Stanley

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HRM Case 4 – Rob Parson The given case describes the general hiring process of Morgan Stanley and how their employees are evaluated. The main purpose of this text is the evaluation of Rob Parson and whether or whether not he is suited for a promotion becoming managing director of a certain branch of the company. The text gives a description about Rob Parson past, academically in his job career prior to Morgan Stanley and how his colleagues describe him. In addition to this Paul Nasr is also described as he is the person who has to evaluate Rob and he is also the person who initially hirer Rob at Morgan Stanley.

Assessment of Rob Parson’s Performance All in all I would say that Rob Parson is doing a good job as you it is said that his skills of closing deals are very good. He might have problems to work in a team however he has to be told that other don't agree with the way he approaches his tasks. In addition to that I think that Rob Parson deserves a promotion however he will need to change his team playing approach. It is necessary to be able to work with other efficiently in this fast moving market and he has to be aware of that.

Evaluation and development summary (Rob Parson) Strengths| Development Areas| 1. Knows what he is doing| 1. Working in a team| 2. Commits to his work| 2. Leadership skills| 3. Knows how to make a deal| 3. Following the Morgan Stanley Culturc| Performance objectives for the next year| Business Goals: Increase the market share in CMS| Professional Development Goals: Be seen as a Team Player at Morgan Stanley| Career Goals: Eventually be promoted if attitude changes| Nasr’s Performance Appraisal, future goals and Issues that need to be raised

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The Recruitment Process of Morgan Stanley

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If I were in Paul Nasr position to conduct the performance appraisal for Rob Parson I would approach it in a conservative way. First of all I think it would help to praise him for his success at the firm and that in general things are going good. When it comes to evaluating his performance as a team player at Morgan Stanley, I would first of all remind him of Morgan Stanley’s way of doing business and that teamwork is an important fact if you would like to be successful at the company.

In addition to that I would then be important to tell Parson about the fact that some of his peers complained about the way he is pursuing business, leaving broken eggs. The goals I would set for Parson would be the advise to play more along the corporate culture of Morgan Stanley and he will most likely receive the desired promotion If you were Rob Parson, how would you conduct yourself in the performance evaluation meeting? What are your goals? How would you try to influence the process? In Rob Parson’s position I would approach the performance evaluation meeting in a confident way.

He should listen to what the critics have to say about him and and try to work with that. Denying his mistakes will not help him for his desired promotion and thus he should accept them and try to work out a plan with Paul Nasr how he can develop him in the future. In addition to that he should also be assured of his skills and that tell Paul that in general he will become more of a team player, however that some situation in this sector require quick reactions that do not cohere with Morgan Stanley’s bureaucratic ways of doing things.

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