Stakeholders at Tescos and the Post Office

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The entrepreneurs have a huge impact on this aim. To finish Tesco’s aim the Entrepreneurs must employ different individuals into different areas of the company so they can run properly. Shareholders Their impact is not a lot on this aim. The investors must invest cash into the company so they can eventually earn profits back, because If the company has no cash, they cannot earn profits. Managers Supervisors have a important impact on this aim. The supervisors will be the people managing the real shops (where a huge most of the revenue take place).

The administrator must co ordinate his team and creates sure they are all doing their appropriate tasks to earn profits. Employees Workers of Tesco do not have that much impact on this aim as they get compensated a set-fee. Workers will need to give your very best to get compensated, so they will also help earn profits for the company. If they are not doing what they are expected to do, they will be changed. They should perform regular shop responsibilities to help Tesco earn profits. Customers The clients have little effect on the aim.

If clients like the goods and solutions at Tesco, they will come back again and waste your cash. This is why team must act properly around clients as this is how they get compensated. Suppliers The providers also have little impact on this aim. The providers are not a part of Tesco, but they would want Tesco to earn profits so they can offer them more resources. Tesco uses providers to obtain resources which they can offer at a high cost. Post Office: To provide a postal service within the UK. Stakeholders Influence Point of view Owners The entrepreneurs have the biggest impact on the aim as they ‘own’ the organization.

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The owner of the Post Office is the government, they will use money made by the business to pay for deliveries and the supplies they need to provide this. They will do what it takes to keep the Postal Service running, for example: giving the business money if they are ever in debt. Shareholders The Publish Workplace does not have any investors, so they will not have any impact. The Publish Office does not have any investors, so they will not have any perspective. Managers The supervisors have a big liability of creating sure the employees are satisfied.

The supervisors will be handling everything that goes within the mailing service, they must handle everything properly else the mailing service could get late or volatile. Employees The workers have a significant impact on this aim as they are the ones having to create sure they are created satisfied. The worker's perspective of this aim is good as they want to be operating in a enjoyable atmosphere. The factor that their mangers want them to be pleased is a big motivation to keep operating. Customers The clients have a huge effect on this aim as if they are not satisfied with the mind-set of team they can grumble.

The clients value this aim of the Publish Workplace because if the employees that provide them are satisfied and good then they are going to experience more welcome and willing to come returning. Suppliers The suppliers don’t have a significant influence on this aim. The suppliers also value this aim because they have to communicate with staff at Post Office, if the staff is happy they are friendlier and this results in the suppliers’ job becoming easier. Overall the points of views from the stakeholders are not too different. Tesco and the Post Office are both trying to make a profit by offering services.

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