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Somehow, changes took place

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For quite some time the effects of drugs and alcohol to the individual and the society were clandestine. They were enjoyed and well-loved. They were a part of life to many people not so long ago.

Somehow, changes took place and the humble and interesting results of these substances have gradually become unpopular. Experiences as shared by many families with members who have succumbed themselves to drug addiction and alcoholism were quite destructive and harsh.

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Somehow, changes took place

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In fact, when the harmful effects could no longer be hidden, a huge number has already been destroyed. Those who were saved are lucky but still its rampant attractiveness to emotionally-weak persons leads them to greater danger.

To begin with, there are accounts as to the constructive beginnings of alcohol around the world. In the 17th and 18th century, alcohol was a common part of life, involved in almost all aspects of life from everyday activities to special occasions (Levine, 2007).

First, alcohol during this period, even today, brings life to social gatherings like parties. Alcohol was at the center of every celebration or any social gathering big or small (Heron, 2003).

When it fact it has some truth, if not true at all, alcohol is a relaxing and pleasurable drink which makes a drunk person really “feel good.” In addition, occasions were said to be more “alive” when there’s alcohol around. Moreover, it is also used in religion and worship across time aside from its nutritional value and therapeutic purposes.

The people during the colonial era though of drunkenness as “normal,” not really something to worry about, however, it was not appreciated as well. Different societies have their own culture of alcohol and drinking.

Come 19th century, diversity in the image of drinking and alcoholism shed light. It was during this period that “drinking” was seen as an addiction and a disease. People who craved for alcohol were acts not seen for pastimes or for amusements anymore but as a compulsion wherein the alcoholic drinkers were said to be “trapped” in a “hole” which they cannot escape from.

In other words, the existence of “alcohol addiction” came into being. At this time, many anti-alcohol movements were created denouncing alcohol intake and since then alcohol and other fermented drinks have lesser popularity.

The advent of the 20th century gave more prohibitions as to the use of alcohol. Restrictions to alcohol as codified in laws and regulations are prominent anywhere in the world today because of the numerous alcohol-related mishaps which have taken place.

Accidents are proven to be of increasing possibility if they involve liquor consumption. In the United States for example, American minors or those below 18 years old are not allowed to drink and buy alcohol from business establishments.

During the present times, alcoholism is considered a deviant behavior, often discouraged and tabooed by majority of society. To the more lenient ones, alcoholism is allowed but to a minimal and controlled extent provided that it does not harm oneself and others.

This is common among Asian countries which are quite loose in their alcohol mandates. Habitual drinkers who are determined to reform are placed in rehabilitation programs and organizations like the Alcoholics Anonymous.

If alcoholics are almost criticized by the civil society, drug addicts are instantaneously condemned by the general public. But despite our knowledge of the destructive effects of prohibited drugs, it is still a wonder why more and more people are locked in this vice.

Many lives have failed because of too much drug intake. Some common addictive drugs include major stimulants as cocaine and amphetamines, opium, heroin and morphine.

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