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Some people think that most employees like to earn money for a better life than any enjoyable job

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In life, citizens are currently living in a very harsh existence that seems full of difficulties that they have to confront longer. Everybody acknowledge today’s economic situation is not as stable and safe as expected. On the other hand, humans demand more standards of living first in order to catch up with the high pace of developed nations. To achieve these ambitions, not a few of employees in the fact having been considered that they need to earn money at any career for a prosperous logistics life than any enjoyable job.

Perhaps, the first mention is we should accept that money is primary reason for working though money does not bring happiness. It is often said that people need money for survive. Moreover, life will be easier for those who have plenty of money as they can do whatever they like and do not have to think constantly about whether they are able to afford something or not. In addition, earning a good salary makes it easier to be more healthy and supports them with wealthy. The ideal situation may be to have an enjoyable job that also provides a good salary, but this is not always possible.

It is essential to remember that some people might not have a choice of jobs because they are not well educated or it chooses them, they cannot pick up one for their own. That is a reason why they mainly concentrate on spending most of their time to work hard any business that needs them for a seeking of money and dream pursuing even it is not their passion. No doubt, well-paid job enable people to live in luxury house with all modern conveniences. By this way, good salary possibly increases the quality of life.

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Another criticism I would like to comment is providing economic necessities is the most crucial condition of helping country to be well matched as others of five continents. In recent years, the economy status is facing some problem that leads us become jobless and country goes worse more than before. That is the disadvantage of choosing an enjoyable job because the possibility of losing job is greatly high. Thus, perhaps I believe that type of decision depends on the situation and scenario of the condition. Saying truthly, it will be risk if the individuals only wait for a job that they have a knowledge asset or an adoration of it.

To emphasize, finding an enjoyable job can only suitable with previous situation in last few years. The best advice for employees here is they do not need to expect eagerly on the job that is matched with their education whatever it costs. To make a soon development, people should snatch an opportunity of job whenever it is available and put much effort in order to build up the national economy by having a stable financial statement with good job.

To end up my point of view, I would like to go with reasons why others appreciate a work they enjoy. These people claim that money is not happiness, whereas enjoyable job not only makes their life happier, but also help them earn high income in the near future. This due to the fact that they will find something interesting in their job that might seem dull and boring to others. As a consequence, they inevitably devote themselves heart and soul to work, leading to them soon enhance the level of performance to get perfect effect.

As well as this, it is highly likely that such job brings emotional satisfaction to worker and contributes to the development of company. It is reasonable to say that their boss will respect them, paying them, giving higher position. One more interesting pint here is some people insist that they could manage with less money and have a better life by taking a job they enjoy or by working fewer hours. Furthermore, a less well-paid job can enable them to spend more time at home.

In conclusion, some people argue that money is not important, but I am sure that money is the solution to many problems. If employees earn more money at work, they will be able to meet family’s needs, in some aspect even they will be a kind of reputable person. What is more, by earning more money, people can enjoy life by making good living conditions and can help country go up as well.

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