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Sociology Persuasive Essay

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If a problem is defined as personal, _______ are employed to cope with the problem.

  • A. Individual strategies100%
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  • B. Collective strategies
  • C. Societal strategies
  • D. Professional strategies


What famous sociologist referred to social problems as the "public issues of social structure"?

  • A. Robert Merton
  • B. Emile Durkheim
  • C. Max Weber
  • D.Wright Mills100%

What famous sociologist referred to personal problems as the "personal troubles of milieu"?

  • A. Robert Merton
  • B. Emile Durkheim
  • C. Max Weber
  • D. C. Wright Mills100%

Chapter 01 

A problem that has causes and solutions which lie outside the individual and the immediate environment is called a(n) ________.

  • A. Personal problem
  • B. Social problem100%
  • C. Institutional problem
  • D. Societal problem

A problem that can be explained in terms of the qualities of the individual is called a(n) ___.

  1. A. Personal problem
  2. B. Social problem
  3. C. Institutional problem0%
  4. D. Societal problem Score:0/2

Feature Article - Sociology Test 1

Chapter 02 

The undiscriminating, casual sexual relationships with many people are called _______.

  • A. Deviance
  • B. Promiscuity100%
  • C. Homosexual
  • D. American gigolo

A national survey reported that _______ of single men said they did not like a woman who was willing to make love on the first date.

  • A. 30%
  • B. 43%
  • C. 50%
  • D. 66%100%

About _______ of married men admit to ever having an affair.

  • A. 10%
  • B. 15%
  • C. 25%100%
  • D. 38%

About _______ of married women admit to ever having an affair.

  • A. 10%
  • B. 15%100%
  • C. 25%
  • D. 38%

Sexual activity conducted via the internet is referred to as _______.

  • A. Safe sex
  • B. Disgusting
  • C. Video sex
  • D. Cybersex100%

Having sexual relations for remuneration is referred to as _______.

  • A. "a night out on the town"
  • B. Cybersex
  • C. Prostitution100%
  • D. Fellatio

The oral stimulation of the male genitalia is called _______.

  • A. Prostitution
  • B. Fellatio100%
  • C. Cunnilingus
  • D. Cybersex

The oral stimulation of the female genitalia is called _______.

  • A. Prostitution
  • B. Fellatio
  • C. Cunnilingus100%
  • D. Cybersex

Prostitutes' Education Network claims that there are more than _______ American women who have worked as prostitutes.

  • A. 100,000
  • B. 250,000
  • C. 500,000
  • D. 1,000,000100%

The average work life of an American prostitute is _______.

  • A. Less than 1 year
  • B. 1-3 years
  • C. 4-5 years100%
  • D. Over 6 years

Repeated use of a drug or alcohol to the point of periodic or chronic intoxication that is detrimental to the user or society is called ________.

  • A. Abuse
  • B. Habit
  • C. Addiction100%
  • D. Social deviance

The damaging effects of alcohol abuse are most obvious in the _________ the individual who is addicted to alcohol.

  • A. Addict
  • B. Alcoholic100%
  • C. Mentally ill
  • D. Psychotic

Alcoholism is defined in terms of four symptoms. One of the following is not one of those symptoms. Student ResponseValueCorrect AnswerFeedback

  • A. Craving or compulsion to drink
  • B. Loss of control to limit drinking on any particular occasion
  • C. Drinking beer instead of drinking liquor100%
  • D. The physical dependence on alcohol

What percentage of Americans identify themselves as drinkers?

  • A. 42%
  • B. 52%
  • C. 63%100%
  • D. 72%

Which of the following groups has the highest incidence of use and abuse of alcohol?

  • A. American Indians100%
  • B. African Americans
  • C. Latinos
  • D. Whites

Which sex is more likely to abuse alcohol?

  • A. Males100%
  • B. Females
  • C. Both are equally likely to abuse alcohol
  • D. In fact, neither sex abuses alcohol

What percentage of college students are binge drinkers?

  • A. 18%
  • B. 26%
  • C. 35%
  • D. 44%100%

Among veterans, the death rate for alcoholics was how much higher compared to that of nonalcoholics?

  •  A. 1. 5 times
  • B. 2. 5 times100%
  • C. 3. 5 times
  • D. 4. 5 times

In terms of cognitive ability, alcoholism costs the user about _______ years of life.

  • A. 2
  • B. 4
  • C. 6
  • D. 10100%

Alcohol is a factor in nearly ________ of American Indian deaths. Student ResponseValueCorrect AnswerFeedback

  • A. 3%
  • B. 6%
  • C. 12%
  • D. 17%100%

In 2005, the FBI reported that a violent crime occurred in the nation every ______.

  • A. 10. 5 seconds
  • B. 22. 7 seconds100%
  • C. 40. 2 seconds
  • D. 54. 9 seconds

The text refers to behavior that is treated as criminal only when it occurs before some audience that will be offended as ___________.

  • A. Public disorder crimes100%
  • B. Illegal service crimes
  • C. Crimes of negligence
  • D. Victim related crimes

According to your text, crimes that involve unintended victims such as reckless manslaughter are called ____________.

  • A. Crimes of negligence
  • B. Public disorder crimes
  • C. Illegal service crimes
  • D. Crimes of violence0%

Any illegal act for which knowledge of computer technology is used to commit the offense is called __________.

  • A. Technological crime
  • B. Modern crime
  • C. Computer crime100%
  • D. Felonies Score:2/2 30.

Crimes committed by respectable citizens in the course of their work are called _______.

  • A. Crimes of business
  • B. Petty offenses
  • C. White-collar crimes100%
  • D. Crimes of the upper-class

According to this text, the use of force to kill, injury, or abuse others is defined as _______.

  • A. Murder
  • B. Simple assault
  • C. Violence100%
  • D. Psychosis

It is estimated that the medical cost of gunshot injuries in just one year is about ____.

  • A. One million dollars
  • B. 50 million dollars
  • C. 500 million dollars
  • D. 2 billion dollars100%

 1992, the Los Angeles riot resulted in an estimated loss of _________ from the damages.

  • A. One million dollars
  • B. 50 million dollars
  • C. 500 million dollars
  • D. 1 billion dollars100%

Violence has been linked with a human need to be ______________.

  • A. Stupid
  • B. Aggressive100%
  • C. Scared
  • D. Humble

Most psychologists argue that aggression is related to _____________.

  • A. Fear
  • B. Over education
  • C. Frustration100%
  • D. Envy

Forceful, offensive, or hostile behavior toward another person or society is called _______.

  • A. Aggression100%
  • B. Psychosis
  • C. Envy
  • D. Humbleness

Studies using national samples have concluded that over time, the use of physical punishment on children ______________________.

  • A. Causes the child to behave over the long term
  • B. Causes the child to behave in the short term and the long term
  • C. Increases the likelihood of delinquent and antisocial behavior by children100%

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