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Each human is born into differing sets of cultural and sociological circumstances that make each individual differ from one another in various ways. Culture would be classified as the moral standards, knowledge, beliefs, customs, and whatever other habits man can and will create in a society. This “Culture” affects each individual passively, or unintentionally, but yet very effectively. Corresponding to this would be the society that an individual is born into. Differing cultures create Societies; societies are made up of cultural relations with others of the same and agreeing culture.

Cultures are separated out into “social classes” naturally because of major differences in cultural habits, beliefs, customs, etc. Social classes are differing cultures: cultures that cannot easily coincide. A person might be born into the American culture, usually referred to as “western culture”, and thus he would be immediately different from those of an “eastern culture”, say those of Iraq or Iran. The differing cultures are obviously based on the differing base of beliefs, the different customs, habits, moral standards, and much, much more!

Then there are sociological differences that we refer to as social class. While there is much of the western culture throughout the world, there are even widely differing cultures within the culture itself. These are what form society and social classes. While there is one culture on the east coast of the United States, you will find that the culture on the west coast is completely separate and distinct. One of the more distinct examples that can be given is of those from the south versus those from elsewhere in the United States.

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Because of the culture that children are born into, they are immediately immersed in a society that would demand respect and modesty in everyday living. It can be noted that the cultural standard in the southern United States is made up of higher moral standards than other states. Morals are one of the factors that make a culture differ from another. Just by sheer consequence, this culture creates a society that is considerably higher than those surrounding. In history it can be noted that men from the south tended to be more upper class citizens having those of a differing culture under them as working class individuals.

African Americans are from a differing culture, which in turn makes the society that they create clash with the society of other cultures. You will find many different social classes that are together in one culture. For instance, Bill Gates would be part of a social class that some farmer from Iowa would not be able to relate to. Generally there are 4 major social classes. These would be the Upper Class (a small percentage), the Middle Class, the Working Class (constituting of most people), and the Lower Class.

As well as any average person from the rural town life would not be of the same social class as the president of the United States. A person can be born into a certain social class, but they can also work to attain a higher social class from the point in which they have begun. For the ease of consideration we will chose someone from rural farm country in either Illinois or Iowa; These people are born to their parents into the working class and or lower class that they are part of. There have been people that have risen from the Lower Class up to the position of President, like our current president Mr. Barak Obama.

Through natural means, and providential circumstances he was able to get an education and work his way up through the classes, and after many years of work, sits as the current President. Education is a part of each individual’s social class. One of the major factors that separate the Working Class from the Middle Class is their education. People that have taken the time, money and energy to get an education and secure a degree or certificate in some specific area, are of a higher class and social status than those that are just working to provide for themselves in a workforce where no degree is needed.

Culture is similar to Social class in that each individual is born into them without any choice, and that they are passively trained to be part of that class. But, a culture is the influence of certain standards, morals, habits, and such that will influence the person, whereas a society is only made up of relationships and certain goals and objectives. By joining together into a social class, the society can achieve what they would not be able to on an individual basis.

The same is true for a culture, but to a lesser degree because there are many more cultures than there are social classes. Another term that can be used to describe culture would be: learned behavior patterns. In conclusion, there are many cultures and many social standards throughout the world that affect every person either in a negative or a positive way. Every individual has the influence of their culture and social class on them, to the point that they make distinctions about whom they will associate with and who they are able to have deep or shallow relationships.

These are some of the factors that will limit the amount of people that a person is “able” to marry. The person under consideration must be of a certain culture, in most cases, as well as be of an equal or greater social class. In my opinion, it is the wide distances between these social classes and foreign cultures that cause the many clashes in civilization, causing war and riots among lower people. If people were able to over-come these Sociological differences, then all men would be able to live more peaceably together.

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