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Every aspiring entrepreneur must visit the Small Business Association (SBA) web site to view its listings of how-to guides and online tutorials ( This website contains an array of information emphasizing the importance of business plans to legal matters. Actually, the SBA’s site was very useful in guiding me in the right direction to researching my business idea of [insert idea].

The online business planning course pushed me to find my niche in [insert niche] and develop my market research strategies. Entrepreneurs can benefit from the interactive lessons available in each category of Starting, Financing, Managing, Business Opportunities, and Disaster Recovery ( In order to utilize this site, contact a local SBA counselor that is available in your city.

SCORE, “Counselors to America’s Small Business”, is the second most important site to view in the pursuit of entrepreneurship ( Expert entrepreneurs answer questions regarding the business planning process and growth process. The questions can be sent to the counselor of your choice; placing a search for a specific niche will position you with the best expert. The site enables users to practice educational tutorials just as the SBA web site, but they also offer worksheets to accompany the users.

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The tutorials allow entrepreneurs to view the strategic process involved in planning, pricing, and other vital issues dealing with owning or starting a business ( Utilizing this essential opportunity would mean thinking and constructing your questions with as much detail as possible. As you form the questions, you may find answers that you never considered before.

After you receive potential guidance from the SCORE counselors, visit The lists of top 15 to top 75 secrets to a successful business could fit any situation that may arise in your business planning (Berry). Entrepreneur is available in print as well, but the web site offers back articles and connections to upcoming information of what other business sites are available on the web.

It is best for the aspiring entrepreneur to use its planning tools available. The information surmounts most business sites due to its consistency in providing up-to-date technology breakthroughs that are functional for small business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs (Berry).

In order for these sites to be useful, the aspiring business owners must analyze the information and have an idea of what kind of business they would like to own. The more you know about your business idea, the better your results in handling the situation accordingly. Access to SBA, SCORE, and could be the answer to many confusing questions most experience in the planning process.

The SCORE counselors can be stepping stones to understanding the mission and vision of your business, as well. Keep in mind that entrepreneurship involves hard work, dedication, and self-discipline. Questioning your motives can give you an edge over your doubts and open your eyes to potential threats (or weaknesses) you may have to keep you from fulfilling your dream as a business owner.

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