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Shut Down Facebook

Shut down Facebook Facebook has become a place where everyone wants to be nowadays. Not only is it wrong to be on there every single day, it is also unhealthy, which is why Facebook should be banned. People no longer care about going out and making friends.

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Instead, they rather stay inside and become friends with people they do not even know on Facebook. These kinds of actions can be really dangerous. People can easily create Facebook accounts, meaning that it is also easy to portray someone they’re not. No one ever knows who really is sitting behind that computer screen.

Especially young people, they can be ignorant at times thinking they know their friends good enough to give them their information. Most people are unaware of how easy it is for a stranger to collect all of their information. Another bad thing about Facebook is all the drama it can cause between friends, families, or any kind of relationship. It is sad how arguments are posted for the whole world to see. Teenagers every so often lie about their age just so they do not have to ask for their parent’s approval. This in most cases happens because teenagers are doing things they’re not suppose to.

In addition, people sometimes tend to hide their identities on purpose to do unpleasant things such as stalking, and bullying. There are also sick people who create fake Facebook accounts to harass little kids. Facebook is not good anymore. Many people are taking advantage of it and it is better for it to be shut down for good. No one needs Facebook, anyone can survive without it. It is healthier to be out there living life than sitting behind a computer talking about it. It would certainly make a change if Facebook were banned forever.