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September 11 Attacks Essay

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What made the 9/11 attacks unique were several informational tactics and resources of the airport and the inexperience of the security. The terrorist were from Saudi Arabia, taught the essence of war with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. The Al Qaeda Soldiers research the attack for years and bid the chance within the United States, while learning to fly planes. They navigated by the Airport security and went unnoticed in American culture. The plan was calculated and given out by Osama Bin Laden like any order from an Islamic religious leader. Osama Bin

Laden frustrated with America had listed the reasons for this hatred. He was upset about US support of Israel in the holy land, Mecca in Saudi Arabia. This expectation spread western values throughout the Middle East. Many wondered how hijackers able to be so successful in the 9/11 attack. Al Qaeda are the type of soldiers who blend in and remain hidden in society. They had prior knowledge of how planes were flown and how to store weapons in the planes. Many of Al Qaeda worked for the airport, giving them time to research its layout. Around this time Many of the Al Qaeda didn't have any criminal backgrounds, and they were provided Passports allowing them safe passage. The enemy had many months or close to a year to research the security and how to smuggle weapons and the fly plane. Around these time

officers didn't have much experience profiling allowing to go unnoticed them. This allowed up to eleven men to initiate the airport and the plane. It was many security measures seemed lacking with regard to the hijackers' ability to board the planes and seize control of them. The main problem was the airport didn't know how to profile these types of enemies. The history of war enemies against the USA were not explained to airport security and all they knew was to check people's bags and passports. The enemies had prior knowledge of the airport allowing them to spread information.

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The enemy may have worked staff jobs and lived the citizens allowing them the attack on the world trade center. Also, it's never been a huge attack so security on the plane wasn't as strong, allowing an easy take over the civilians on the plane. Utility pocket knives with less than 4-inch blades were allowed, they said, and the guide provided no instruction.Wha t was the immediate official response to the attacks? It threw everything into Uproar because they attacked a huge landmark within the U.S, known as the Trade Center.

Many people lost their lives in the plane and the trade center building and the airport security were made to testify for their failure. It boosted the awareness of the security staff to not allow any type of weapons or chemical that could cause explosion or fires. Security was now informed of dangerous overseas enemies and procedures to a lot of rules changed to ensure better security methods. The president had to make known are enemies and as well how citizens should report any suspicious activities which have stopped many incidents in the future.

Which group suffered the largest loss? The trade center incident devastated many innocent lives of two thousand and people and wounded over six thousand producing ten billion in city damage cost. Additionally, Several people had cancer and respiratory problems which caused death to many after Attacks. America took a huge loss, and that's what the Al Qaeda wanted and its religious leader. Al Qaeda sacrificed a few men, which killed tons of people which allowed them their revenge. Also, the Airport reputation was shamed for the reason of

not being prepared for the 9/11 incident . All this came from lack of knowing dangerous people which created a radical system within the airports and more background checks. What made the response to the attack in New York more challenging than the one in Virginia? They share a very similar problem showing that security is lacking in both the airports and in our universities.

The New York incident was caused more from a total of 19 assailants while Virginia Tech had one student to commit the act. The Virginia Tech incident couldn't compare to a billion dollars in damage and the lives which were 6000 killed and those of the plane. While at Virginia Tech students those who were killed happen to be thirty-two students In the incident. In both incidents, the attackers sacrificed their lives taking out many. As much as they could. The huge importance to stop weapons and increase security all around. Why does a response across several jurisdictions present a challenge those

in charge? The system of rules can easily change allowing different rules or different associations. It's like the police could be in charge of crime and the suspect might be a war enemy of the country. The police would have to let the FBI or CIA takes care of that suspect or criminal. Just like the state government can't change laws in the federal government almost that of hierarchy. Disobeying or crossing lines that shouldn't be crossed by another hierarchy are against the rule or laws. If this rule wasn't made other associations would do what they want. The systems are divided so no one association has to much power.

Every association has its job and will sometimes have to call upon another or waiver to another authority. What can they do to overcome these challenges in the future? I think we need more.Information gathering which is important, the more the citizens inform law enforcement the safer it will be. I think also if the jurisdiction belongs to another association why fight the system. You should call upon that association and work together instead of stepping the line. Also I think security should step up and not go overboard it's their job. Awareness can make can stop a lot of problems if the community and the government work together.

September 11 Attacks Essay essay

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