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Self Assesment

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Self Assessment What I have learnt I feel that I have learnt a lot from this course and hopefully by gaining such knowledge I can take it further, most of the things I picked up on through this course are included in the list below Confidentiality; do not share clients information unless they are in danger of themselves N.

V. C (non verbal communication) S. O. L. E. R (sitting squarely, open posture, Leaning forward) Listening techniques, active listening skills Self Actualization (Mascots Hierarchy of basic needs) ? Counselor's introduction for a session Focusing Managed silence Boundaries Rapport building A. G.

E (acceptance genuineness and empathy) Ethical principles; Fidelity, Autonomy, Beneficence, Non-Maleficent, Justice, Self- Respect Mirroring What counseling is and is not My feelings and experiences To begin with I would like to state that my experiences gained on this course, has grasp a reality on how things work in the world of counseling in terms of contracting agreements boundaries and the important skills needed to help the client adjust to the circumstances.

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Towards the end of the course we did an exercise covering important factors of our lifeline's explaining the ups and downs of our life. I found this very interesting because reflecting on the past and present helped me to see the transformation from then to now. Which became an important piece of evidence of the changes I have been through from the negative to the positive aspects and all importantly it has shown me about he person I have become today.

What I have learnt from receiving and giving constructive feedback The feedback gained through triads helped me to understand counseling more and enabled me to improve on the skills I needed to. Once you have hands on experience of counseling another person you tend to see how interesting the session is and how important the skills are to create an effective counseling session. The skills I used were as follows; restating, paraphrasing, reflecting, summarizing and I also incorporated other things such as S. O. L. E.

R and effective opening questions. If these methods are applied then the client will feel more relaxed and comfortable with the counselor enabling them to open up and form a bond of trust which is very important for progression and growth. When the roles switched around within the triads we had to experience the role of a client, which was interesting at first I wasn't even sure what to expect or what to even talk about but once you feel comfortable with someone those things you were roaring about go out the window and the words seem to come freely.

From then I realized how important it is for a counselor to use the sufficient skills needed to interact with the client. It felt good to talk to someone about the things that were bothering me but also it helped me to understand the self governing feeling, as I had more and more sessions I came to a conclusion with my problems. And that was encouraged by talking to someone and realizing what is needed to be done by myself through reflecting and summarizing.

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