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Self and Mental Abilities

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M3) Discuss the effects on self-esteem and self confidence of physical changes associated with ageing Having self-esteem and self-confidence is meaning that you have pride in yourself and having the freedom to believe in yourself and abilities. Not having self-esteem and self-confidence can have devastating effects on individuals well-being . If an older adult was to have a serious fall and harm themselves in a serious way which could affect their mobility in walking around, this could potentially make the individual isolated in their home as they could be too afraid to go outside as it may have knocked their confidence and self-esteem.

The effects of the individual having no mobility and the lowering of self-esteem and confidence could make the individual a recluse and could also mean their mental abilities and health might become poorer as they are not being active in the community which would help them with being more social and interacting with others as well as keeping them mentally active.

This could also mean that individual might become disengaged in society meaning that their ill health would get worse. Also if they were too loose their self-esteem they may not be able to get it back which would mean they still might be scared to go outside, this would mean that they may become completely isolated from society.

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Self and Mental Abilities

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Another physical change that could cause lower self and self confidence is if an older adult became incontinent and couldn’t control when they went to the toilet, this would cause embarrassment for the individual as they may never have experienced this problem and it may cause them to feel ashamed and bad about themselves getting older and having these physical changes happening to them which would lower their self esteem and confidence.

Emotionally they also might not feel themselves and that they are losing control of their life and may feel they can’t do what they would like to do such as being a active part in the community, seeing friends and family as they may feel to self conscious to go outside as it may happen. It can also be distressing for the individual as personal hygiene is a very personal issue for someone as it may make them feel not in control as they have been which could result in them becoming isolated from everyone causing problems to get worse .

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