Selecting the positioning concept

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The selection of location is decided after knowing the needs of the buyers. In location scheme the marketer choose position is the first step (Mathieson, 2005). Marketing mix actions mean the label to get particular position with buyers. There are three important steps of location selection: 1-The concept placed neither on the particular label nor on the all products of the company. 2-The particular location concept of the brand may change over time. 3-If multiple concepts are used to guide location scheme, it may confuse the buyers. THE POSITIONING DECISION:

Before taking decision, one should know the location scheme of the opposing labels using quality. The main goal is to get the ideal position of the buyers in every market segment of interest. It is necessary to find out the buyers ideal location (Cravens & Piercy). DEVELOPING THE POSITIONING STRATEGY: To get the location objectives, places the marketing program components into a coordinated set of action. It includes the all activities and results of (product, distribution, rate, promotion). The experienced and management judgment takes the decision of developing the location scheme.

SCOPE OF POSITIONING STRATEGY: The location scheme is usually on a single label. The location of particular brand depends on the size of the product, qualities of the good, and consumer’s need and on the total expense of the brand. MARKETING PROGRAM DECISIONS: In marketing decisions a single segment, selective segment or extensive segments are include. If segments are not clearly defined product change scheme may be used. PRODUCT STRATEGY: In product scheme they want to create furniture, house wares and bed and bath products. They get the opportunity to their customer’s to satisfy their wants.

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VALUE CHAIN STRATEGY: The seller manages the value chain from suppliers to end users. PRICING STRATEGY: The pricing strategy is very attractive. The pricing scheme should be according to the value creation and the uniqueness of the merchandise. PROMOTION STRATEGY: The sellers use a sufficient advertising and public relations policy to communicate with the buyers. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Special retailers has a quality to build label image and customer loyalty. Management constantly invested on the research of marketing and the retailers focused on the scheme of customer’s need and wants.

The present objective is to show how the constituents fit into the location scheme. The location scheme shows how the product or brand is to be located for each market target. Important decisions in designing location scheme include: -how the product will be located in the market against the opposing product? -the value chain scheme to be used -the price should be relative to the competitors pricing scheme -these components will be achieved through the advertising and sales promotion. -internet scheme, direct marketing scheme and sales force scheme shows how they are utilized in location scheme.

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