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Sales and Distribution Management of Amul

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Our sales and distribution network in India as of March 2009 comprised over 1,500 sales outlets for our passenger and commercial vehicle business. In line with our growth strategy, we formed a 100% subsidiary, TML Distribution Company Limited, or TDCL, in March 2008 to act as a dedicated logistics management company to support the sales and distribution operations of our vehicles in India. We believe this will improve the efficiency of our selling and distribution operations and processes.

TDCL will take over and/or set up stocking points for both commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles, in the places of manufacture and also at different places throughout India. TDCL will help improve planning, inventory management, transport management and on-time delivery. As a focused entity, we believe it will make delivery and inventory management more efficient.

Additionally, we have completed the initial rollout of a new customer relations management system, which has been certified by Oracle as the largest Siebel deployment in the automotive market at all our dealerships and offices across the country. Being implemented in phases since 2003, the combined online customer relations management system initiative supports users both within the Company and among our distributors in India and abroad.

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Through our vehicle financing division and wholly owned subsidiary, Tata Motors Finance Limited, or TMFL we also provide financing services to purchasers of our vehicles through our independent dealers, who act as our agents, and through our branch network. During fiscal 2008 and 2009, approximately 34% and 31%, respectively, of our vehicle unit sales in India were made by the dealers through financing arrangements where our captive vehicle financing divisions provided the credit. Total vehicle finance receivables outstanding as at March 31, 2009 and 2008 amounted to Rs.158,803 million and Rs.163,960 million, respectively.

We use a network of service centers on highways and a toll-free customer assistance center to provide 24-hour on-road maintenance (including replacement of parts) to vehicle owners. We believe that the reach of our sales, service and maintenance network provides us with a significant advantage over our competitors.

We also market our commercial and passenger vehicles in several countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, South East Asia and South Asia. We have a network of distributors in almost all of the countries where we export our vehicles, who work with us in appointing a local dealer for sales and servicing our product in various regions. We have also stationed overseas resident sales and service representatives in various countries to oversee our operations in their respective territories.

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