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Motivation is the process of indoctrinating sales people with the unity of purpose to maintain aharmonious relationship among each other in the sales organization. Motivation is the amount of effort that the sales person desires to expend on each of the activities or the tasks associated withthe sales job. The selection of the motivational tool is the most crucial step in the design process and that iswhatAMULalso kept in mind.

The seminar is conducted out side the premises of AMUL . In such type of seminar, sales people are motivatedto achieve their targets, they are encouraged to improve their leadership skills and supervision Conference:- The conference is ideally suited to learning problems and issues and examiningthem from different angles. In AMUL such conference are mainly arranged for managerialdevelopment. In this conference the discussion is focused on quality assurance, problem solvingetc. The trainees as members can learn from others..

The other motivational and development programmes arranged by AMUL are within the premises. The development programmes are arranged on various topic like anger free life, mind power development, positive changing, personality development etc. Also program on effectiveleadership, motivation are arranged for the employees. This help managerial persons to maintaingood relation with employees. The success of any sales organization depends on the achievement of the sales goal set for theshort-term as well as long ±term periods of time.

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While other programmes like sales forcerecruitment, training and motivation are a cost to the company,sales force compensation dealswith the management of the performance of the sales people for generating revenue for the firm. Sales people tend to increase and manage their performance by linking it to the compensationthey receive from the sales organization. In AMUL, compensation generally comprises of the cash payments which include fixed salary, bonus and shared profit. Good compensation plan have a salutary effect on sales people.

Theyare happier in the work; co ± operative with management and productivity is up. There can be both monetary and non ± monetary forms of compensation too. Wages in the widest sense mean any economic compensation paid by the company under somecontract to his sales force for the services rendered by them. They are basic salary andallowances. The basic wage is the remuneration, which is paid or payable to the sales person interms of his contract of employment for the work done by him. Allowance includes dearnessallowance, bonus, overtime pay etc.

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