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Amul Project

oAmul a brand of success has managed to create a distinct and concrete image in the mind of the consumer.It’s all happens due to sincere, hard work and team effort or amul society, amul was formed in the year 1946 in the form of society by the visionary Dr .kurien with a noble purpose to uplift the village farmers to sustainable position by bringing them into the net of the society.

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Starting with a few liters of milk per day to millions and millions liters per day indicates the success of the society. t in turn fetches good return to update the village farmers. They comply with strict quality standardization norms and efficient distribution system and also they update themselves as per the changing time. Through forward integration they started producing different milk product which are highly quality product as compared to their competitors despite being a rural organization they did not discount the importance of advertising they advertise heavily through different medias. the punch line the taste of India paused amul as zenith level of popularity.

Through amul is the market leader in the category they should not Discount the importance of technology and diversification. Globalization put a major challenge before Amul because number of Competitor’s with their strong R & D technology are entering into India. Therefore, in order to retain its brand image and market share amul has to think strongly in the line of expansion in the form of capacity as well as market i. e. , making Amul a global company. They can capitalize the brand image of Amul by the process of diversification. They can diversify amul in the areas like Agro foods, Pharma etc..

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