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The company was founded by Dr. Riordan, a professor of chemistry he started Riordan plastics, Inc in 1991. Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics, medical supplies, stents, automotive parts, appliance manufacture's parts, airplane parts, and beverage containers manufacturer. Riordan has 500 employees with a projected annual earnings of $46 million and a fortune of 1000 enterprises with revenues of $1 billion. Riordan Manufacturing has 4 worldwide locations Albany Georgia, Pontiac Michigan, Hangzhou China, and the company headquarters in San Jose.

In the following paragraphs we will be describing formal and informal power structures, the effective organization structures, effects on employee behavior, the characteristics of employee behavior, potential sources, and a evaluation of Riordan Manufacturing. Formal and Informal Power Structures.

Riordan Manufacturing is formed by a formal and informal power structures. Riordan, formal power structure was established in the corporation to recognized the organizational chart and legitimate power which correspond to the formal authority that controls organizational resources in the corporation. Riordan informal power is divided into individual departments, each department is led and managed by an employee who has more knowledge than others in that department.

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The power and political structure of Riordan Manufacturing influence their employees behavior by collaborating and involving certain levels of hierarchy requiring employees to influence their power and political structure with others in the organization to accomplish goals or desired effects and behaviors. Effective Organizational Structure

According to "Riordan Tracking And Order System" (Copyright 2003, 2004, 2006 © by Apollo Group, Inc.). "The head office of Riordan Manufacturer's is in San Jose, California and it has employed more than five hundred people having other companies in Georgia, Michigan, and China." Riordan Manufacturing goal is to instrument a development that will be used by all employees, the organizational structure is right for the operation of bureaucratic structure. This configuration will acknowledge the organization to regulate process across all levels of hierarchy. The advantage of bureaucratic structure includes a minimum duplication of personnel, equipment, and employees who have the chance to talk the same language. Effects on Employee Behavior

The bureaucratic structure prepares simplicity and consistency in hierarchy. This forms the organizational command and sets prospects to all employees allowing them to remove any insufficiency of knowledge. A fear that most employees face is to be irritated with several levels of hierarchy especially if employees believe that they are not heard or appreciated. The characteristics that influences the corporate culture for the employee behavior in Riordan Manufacturing are integrity, ethics, and compliance. Moreover, the atmosphere that is not concrete to employees but with a concept that includes values or beliefs that a company cultivates over time.

Corporate culture develop the company’s tasks and strategies, with long-term expectations of progresses in a company’s profit. However corporate culture also comes from a company’s top administration, older companies can develop a culture that may be different from the typically defined business concept. If the company have a strong culture may be possible to get all employees on the same page and make the company grow stronger than before the culture existed. Riordan Manufacturing, will change but also will develop strategies to manages resistance to change, the steps or areas that will be used to develop the change management right involve Capturing and leveraging the desire and optimistic emotion surrounding a change that may prevent resistance from happen.

The next one is expect it, the company will Project employees and change management that way resistance may be less expected. The company needs to address formally will be ready to prepare, manage, and Reinforce the change. Also will be important to identify the root causes, and engage the “right” resistance managers.

Communication Plan

In Riordan Manufacturing, communication is a fundamental to raise the level of understanding implementation of a change. Delivering information is concerning the change successfully as a essential to use several proposals or media resources to transmit the same message and decide who will publicize Riordan Manufacturing need for change. CEO and President, Dr. Michael Riordan is the most efficient communicator.

Employees need to hear about the upcoming changes from their direct supervisor. The largest problem is to develop written messages that will describe organizational values and principles, setting expectations for employees to complete strategies, meet expectations, and accomplish organizational goals. The implication should clarify the upcoming change, the process of the change, the responsibility of all employees, and the operations of this modification. Appropriate Channels

The following step will clarify communication channels. Riordan Manufacturing directs in United States and China, and as a result arranging face-to-face communication is moderately difficult. In addition to the development of advance technology Riordan Manufacturing can use the internet, e-mail, online meetings, and meetings to communicate the approaching modification.

Potential Barriers

The preliminary communication requires a mechanism to discover potential paths of resistance to benefit employees with their surveys or assessments allowing leadership to establish how each employee obtain the message including the issues of the employee throughout the development stage. An example, the struggle to change may be provoked by the conflicting message.

Employees will question the development process or challenge. That is why it's important for management team to be consistent with the way they communicate towards their employees. Alongside, it is an opportunity to control the barriers that block individuals to communicate effectively. A different barrier that is effective to communication is overload information. Once a received message has too much data or is printed in a language hard for the receiver to comprehend the barrier will be ignored. To prevent the problem the message should be brief and to the point.

Riordan Manufacturing change from face to face communication to uses the advance communication like internet, email, and online meetings. this areas may be affect because the communication face to face is more specifically and better expresses with gestures and tone, and the message can be well deliberated, instead with this recently change the communication can be misunderstood. With an email it may create confusion by the way is read. Riordan find the need from the change because is really hard to travel to china frequently to discusses different themes and issues that require quickly respond, also because is more easy to send an email with an answer about a minimum problem and discusses the new ideas over an online chat or meeting, Managers will compromise to take visits to china to once an while to discuss important data that requires specific attention.

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