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Riordan Manufacturing Legal Review Cody Morse BSA310 10/29/12 Morris Polston Riordan Manufacturing Legal Review Upon reviewing Riordan Manufacturing’s legal section I found the page to be devoid of any information regarding to current business system. However, the page does detail the relationship between Riordan Manufacturing and their legal partners, Litteral & Finkel, who have been legal representatives of Riordan Manufacturing since the company’s founding.

Litteral & Finkel are global but lack an office in China to directly assist Riordan Manufacturing on its legal matters regarding their future expansion into Shanghai. The Legal page contributes information regarding the board of directors and the basic governing policies regarding it. Litteral and Finkel have stated that they can send attornies from their closest offices to help aide Riordan Manufacturing should the need arise.

Although this is helpful and most useful it would be great to see a virtual meeting system incorporated into the communication between both parties (Apollo Group, Inc. , 2012). It is would recommend that both Riordan Manufacturing and Litteral & Finkel, invest in the implementation of a virtual meeting software such as Citrix Go-to-meeting. This would allow for face to face video communication regarding legal matters and would also facilitate realtime document sharing between the parties.

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An issue with security has also been found during the review. A memorandum was marked confidential however it was protected by any incription. We can see no security measures to protect information internally or externally. It is our recommendation that firewalls be added to all locations to protect from outside interference. It would also be wise to start using a program like Bitlocker on all hard drives. Works Cited Apollo Group, Inc. (2012). Legal. Retrieved 10 20, 2012, from Riordan Manufacturing:

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